Shopping in Venice

Let me guide you through Venice, with inside tips on where to shop till you drop! From high-end fashion till the normal ”commercial” shops, i will tell it all!

Have fun,  Enjoy Venice


My Favorite Places

Strada Nuova at Cannaregio. This street is very busy ann close to the Rialto bridge. In Strade Nuova you will find normal stores with normal prices not the touristic prices. In this street are many different kind of stores, from pasta store to shopping stores. But the best stores are the confectioneries there amazing only the windows of the shops are looking tastefull. 

Most of the fashionshops are located in het centre of Venice, around San Marco and the Rialtobridge. Over here you find brandstores like Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Valentino. Also you would finde a warehouse named the Coin, it has many different floors. The prices in this shopping area is very high but just walking trough those beautifull stores is quite cool!


If you really want to shop then you should go to Mestre a town just before Venice. The Piazza Barche and Piazza Ferretto will satisfy your shopping needs. The Piazza Barche is a big shopping center where you can find many different stores. Behind the shopping center is the Piazza Ferretto street located. This street is a great place to shop till you drop! In this street are also many restaurants when you need a little shopping break..

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