Amsterdam is the biggest city and the capital of the Netherlands. A city known by their coffee shops, canals and the Red Light District. But this is not everything what  Amsterdam has to offer, on the contrary! Amsterdam is the perfect city for culture lovers, but also young people can come for parties.


Canal Ring:

Take a boat and sail around the unique, beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Millions of people have gone before, the tour boats are one of the most visited attractions in the Netherlands.The canals lie in a circle around the center, you could see it as a belt. The boat takes you on an adventure through a variety of old historic houses which are mostly built in the Golden Age. It’s a highly recommended to explore the city by boat.

The Red light district:

Everyone has heard of it, ‘de Amsterdamse Wallen’. also known as the Red Light District. De Wallen consists of several blocks located in the oldest part of Amsterdam. Dozens of prostitutes are visible behind the glass. They have there own room and for some money you can share a room with a prostitute. But you can also just walk through these streets, the red color rays. Each window with a prostitute has red lights, it’s very fun to walk here by night when it is dark.

Anne Frank House:

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was hiding with her Jewish family during the World War II. She and her family hidden himself behind a bookcase in the secret annexe. She became famous for her diary, which she kept when she was hiding in the secret annex. This property is now, since 1960, a wonderful museum where you can see the shelter with your own eyes. Everything is returned in original condition. The Anne Frank House takes you a step back in time and tell you more about the lives of Anne Frank and her family during World War II.


The Rijksmuseum is the largest and most important museum of the Netherlands. Don’t worry, there are more than 200 rooms! Full of artwork from  big names like Rembrandt and Vermeer. With the most famous artwork is namely ‘De Nachtwacht’ created by Rembrandt. In addition to this creation there are found over 1 million other pieces of art.


On sunny days, the Vondelpark fills with people. Jogging or relaxing. This beautiful park was founded in 1865 and was later named after Joost van Vondel, a famous poet and wright. The Vondelpark is a national monument since 1996, and a beautiful sight.


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