The best travel buddies you can have while traveling

Nov 30, 2015 | About us, Amsterdam Guide, Aruba Guide, Barcelona Guide, Curacao Guide, Destinations, Tips Enjoy Apartments

Some people prefer to travel alone, the other wants to travel and tour with a group. The type of people which who you are traveling has a great influence on how nice the trip will be. Here are 10 travel buddies who will make your trip the most fun in our opinion!

1. The languages connoisseur

The distance between you and the locals is way smaller when you speak the right language. Speaking the right language opens doors, brings you in new places and will show you the most beautiful anecdotes of locals. Making the languages connoisseur one of the best travel buddies you can have.

2. The foodie
You realize just how nice it is to travel with a foodie, when you’re really travelling with one. With the foodie on your trip, you will no longer end up in a raunchy fast food restaurant, but you can taste the most delicious local specialties. And since good food can make the trip even more fun, the foodie the ideal travel partner.

3. The YOLO’er
Traveling is mostly looking for adventure. Doing things that you normally wouldn’t do, things out of your comfort zone. With a YOLO’er as travel buddy you can be sure that every day is unforgettable, you only live once after all…

4. The photographer
Traveling with the photographer can be very tiring sometimes, because they want to shoot photos of almost everything throughout the whole day. Once you get home you will see the advantage of it. Then you will realize that it is priceless that you can look back at all the great moments that you have experienced together.

5. The navigator
The road for that one nice little bar where you were four days ago? The quickest way back to the car or to the exit? The navigator takes you everywhere you want to go, wherever you want. Someone with a strong sense of direction is super handy to have with you. This way you won’t get lost at any cost!

6. The socializer
With the socializer as travel buddy you will never be alone. The socializer makes new friends all over the world who will bring you to special places. Experiences unforgettable moments which you otherwise would never have experienced, and have the most fantastic conversations with the people at the table next to you when in a restaurant.

7. The culture lover
Manny people will get the jitters when they hear the word culture. Culture is lame, and you have absolutely no need to explore it when travelling. Until you travel with someone who loves culture, and takes you to a cathedral, a museum and an exhibit and will make an unforgettable experience of it.

8. The minimalist
Minimalists don’t need much when they travel. They can basically go around the world with a backpack for weeks-or maybe even longer? When you are just the opposite, traveling with a minimalist is perfect! He or she has sufficient space for the things you want to buy during the trip!

9. The daredevil
The daredevil looks a bit like the YOLO’er, but he goes a step further. The daredevil wants to feel adrenaline, by hiking, rafting, skydiving and impulsive things to do. He is only satisfied with a huge adrenaline boost and will take you with him (or her). It is guaranteed that you will have the most amazing stories when you get back home!

10. The party animal
You can always sleep so why sleep at night? That’s the motto of the party animal. This travel buddy will take you to rooftop parties, illegal beach parties and the best live performances. With the party animal as travel buddy, travelling will never be boring!

So which travel buddy do you prefer? Or do you have another travel buddy that isn’t named in the above? Let us know in the comments or by social media!