7 tips to sleep like a bear in an airplane

Nov 19, 2015 | About us, Amsterdam Guide, Andorra Guide, Aruba Guide, Barcelona Guide, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments

Sleeping on the airplane is sometimes quite tricky and far from comfortable. It’s always too hot or too cold, the people around you make way too much noise and sleeping while sitting is an art in itself. With these tips we will hopefully make your sleeping experience more pleasant …

#1 choose the right seat, next to the window
It all starts with choosing the right seat. If you’re planning to sleep on the plane, go for a seat at the window. Then you won’t have to get up if you’re neighbour wants to go to the toilet, and you also have less burden of the stewards and flight attendants with their rattling carts. Turn to the window and you will have the most privacy that you can to get on the plane.

#2 wear the right clothing
The temperature in the plane is never good. It’s either too cold, or too hot. A comfortable temperature in between does not seem possible. This means that you should wear clothing that you can do easily put on and off, like a vest. Always take a pair of socks (falling asleep with cold feet is quite tricky) and a scarf with you. The scarf is nice for when it gets cold, but also functions fine as pillow.

#3 ask to not be disturbed
If you don’t want to be disturbed when sleeping, it is very wise to ask your neighbour to not be disturbed. Then they will understand it and let you sleep during the flight.

#4 make sure your seatbelt is visible
If you have to deal with turbulence on the road, then you need to put on your seat belt. Would you like to be able to sleep without being disturbed?Make sure that the seat belt is visible in any case, then you won’t be disturbed.

#5 put on earplugs
It will never be quit when you’re on the plane. There is always a lot of sound, of the engines, by the cabin crew, the people around you. If you want to rest your head and be able to fall asleep, then a set of earplugs does wonders! Are you more of the high tech gadgets, buy a noise cancelling headset.

#6 put on music to fall asleep
Is it really not possible to fall asleep? Try to listen to some relaxing music. Of Course no hardcore or house, try some onetone music. On Spotify you can find a lot of playlists with ‘’music to fall asleep to’’!

#7 bring a eyemask with you
Lastly we have the least attractive but effective solution for you: the eyemask. You sleep better when it’s dark, but you can’t control that in the airplane either. So … eye mask on and go to sleep!

If all these tips are not working for you then you can always count sheeps! Do you have any other tips of sleeping like a bear in an airplane? Let us know!