What To Do In Amsterdam On A Rainy Day!

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What to do in Amsterdam on a Rainy Day-

Behold the great city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. A vibrant and colorful city it is. A city with so many natural colors that would for sure fill your life and paint it that you would have never even thought. Every year, People, Tourists, Foreigners and Whatnot, you just name it, visit Amsterdam just to experience the great city and its great thrilling experience. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a vibrant and interesting city with an open and tolerant atmosphere. When you’re in Amsterdam you need to get on the bike to visit and go see places and be here and there, enjoying the different beauties that Amsterdam has to offer. It’s not a must thing, getting a bicycle but It is something that is recommended by the People. You can drive around and visit places too. The bicycle isn’t a must thing.

So, Let’s make a scenario, a scene and in the scene, you are there in Amsterdam, living your Life with Peace and with no worries and there is much that you have to go and see it’s RAINING…

It’s Raining in Amsterdam and you don’t have a clue what to do and where to go. So, to provide facilitation to our readers and give them something that you might have been searching here and there on the Internet, This blog post is aimed to provide you some Tips on What To Do in Amsterdam On a Rainy Day.

So, Let’s get started. What’s the wait for!

Eat, drink and enjoy at the Foodhallen-

Foodhallen is the first place that you have to go when It’s Raining in Amsterdam and when you are thinking about where to go first, Foodhallen is the place. Foodhallen is a large covered food market, which is a part of the complex “de Hallen”. Let us something about the “de Hallen”. De Hallen is the center for Media, Culture, Fashion, Food and Crafts and so the Foodhallen is part of the complex de Hallen.
Foodhallen is the first indoor food market in the Netherlands and is located in the hotspot West. Their many food stalls to eat, have a drink and look around. There is so much to choose, just walk by all those delicious food stalls and bars. Their things like Petit Fours, Sushi, Vietnamese bread, quinoa best grilled cheese sandwich is also known as tosti in the Netherlands. Warm, sitting and eating while it’s raining outside. Good options to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner the choice is yours. Get yourself something whose taste would just never be forgotten by you!



Rijskmuseum Amsterdam
The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch National Museum that is entirely dedicated to Arts and History in Amsterdam. The museum is located at the Museum Square in the Borough Amsterdam South. It has an old rich history as It was founded in the Hague in 1800 and was moved to Amsterdam in 1808. Visiting the Rijksmuseum should be on your list and that too on the second. Such is the value and worth of this place. Visiting Amsterdam and not visiting the Rijksmuseum would be a pity for you. Now, If it’s Raining, the Rijksmuseum is a really great option for you. If you want you can spend a whole day to explore the endless collection that the Museum has to offer and such is the beauty of the place that you wouldn’t even notice the weather outside, It would be just you and your explorations. If you are tired and you think that you have seen enough of this amazing Museum, you can get something to eat, drink coffee or go to the Atrium cafe. You also can go and visit the restaurant RIJKS afterward with a good view of the gardens of the Rijksmuseum. Rijkmuseum is opened Monday-Sunday from 9 AM till 5 PM. Rijsmuseum is the second place that you have to go while It’s raining in Amsterdam.

Heineken experience-

Heineken experience amsterdam
Since 1863 is the Heineken brewery located at the beginning of the Amsterdam street Pijp. Over here started the base of the Heineken worldwide beer empire from family Heineken. Now these days it’s one big history, but the Heineken experience gives more than a lesson of its great beer history. It will let you experience Heineken with all your senses. Everyone is a massive Beer fan, well technically almost everyone and If you are one then It’s like a cherry on top of your cake which is something delicious and great to have a taste of it. Same is the case with the Heineken.
It for sure is a great and a nice option when are thinking of the places to visit Amsterdam on a Rainy Day.

Madame Tussauds-
You for sure have heard about the great Madame Tussauds, right? Who hasn’t! Well, Lucky for you that they have a branch here in Amsterdam and It is something to look forward to because you get to be close to celebrities, the sculptures of celebrities to be precise.
You always wanted to stand next to Justin Bieber in a picture with the Dutch King and Queen? Right? It’s all possible when you are in Amsterdam. Let’s visit Madame Tussauds and come against big stars, royals, famous sportsmen and the list goes on and on. Madame Tussauds is a place for young and old everyone gets to be entertained. Madame Tussauds is located on the Dam Square.
So, Imaging yourself in a Rainy Day in Amsterdam and you are thinking of places to go and visit, Madame Tussauds should be on your list too. Make sure you don’t miss it and If you do, you will be regretting it for your whole Life!

Shopping at the Kalverstraat-
The Kalverstraat is one of the places that you would find crowded 24/7 and 365 days a year. There is no traffic in the place except for a constant stream of Students, Tourists, Foreigners.
Kalverstraat is one of the longest shopping streets from Amsterdam.
You might be thinking that How can this place be one of the best places to go when you are in Amsterdam and It’s raining. Let us assure you that It is one of the best and a great experience to enjoy.
But when you go store in store out, you would hardly notice it’s Raining. It’s one long street so you only have to cross the sides. Over here are stores like Urban Outfitters, River Island, Superdry, Clarks and I can go on and on. If you like (love) shopping you’re at the right place over here!
For Shopaholics, This is the place that you need to be!
Be here!!!

NEMO Science Museum-
The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is a popular Science and Technology Museum that is located in one of Amsterdam’s most renowned buildings. You might now be wondering that It is something related to Science and Technology and It might be boring, might be something that isn’t worth to spend your time on. NEMO is great for People of all age. Kids, Adults or Aged People everyone can have a great time at NEMO Science Museum. The NEMO is in the form of a green ship hull sited on tip of the IJ River car tunnel. It was opened in 1997 and was designed by the famous Italian Architect Renzo Piano. So, If you want to have an experience that gives you an enormous amount of knowledge, a great and a great view, this is your Pick.
In the NEMO Science Museum, everyone explores, young or old. Right here, you will be noticing how great science and technology can be. Five floors of exhibitions, experiments, demonstrations and workshops about how special the normal life things are. NEMO-visitors learn the basics of science and technology. About things like electricity, light, sound and gravity. An interesting and great way to spend your day when it’s raining!

Boat tour-
The Boat Tour is something that you must have to experience while you are in Amsterdam and that too while it’s Raining. If It’s Raining in Amsterdam, Getting a Boat Tour in that weather would be something that you would have never imagined about and would be something that you would be experiencing for the first time in your life.
Don’t worry If The weather has let you down, A boat tour or in Dutch, It’s called ”Rondvaartboot” is definitely a great option to have with yourself with bad weather around. Around Central Station, there are many boat tours you can have. The boat tours go through the pretty canals of Amsterdam, giving the best experience of your Life. Of course, It’s nice to have a Boat Tour with a good weather but Amsterdam still has her charms with bad weather and the Boat Tours is one of them. You can choose to not only see the canals but also see the IJ a big river, something impressive to do with a bad weather on your head. You must be lucky to enjoy the great Boat Tours and that too on a Bad Weather.
So, Don’t worry If It’s Raining in Amsterdam.

This Blogpost is for you and is written for you. Be sure to be here when you are searching for What to do on a Rainy Day in Amsterdam. Along with that If you are looking for a nice, warm and cozy apartment? You will definitely find a good one at www.enjoyapartments.com to complete your trip!

Enjoy the best of your trip!