The most annoying things when staying in a hotel

Nov 9, 2015 | About us, Amsterdam Guide, Barcelona Guide, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments

The beautiful white linens on the bed, the seductive minibar and 24-hour room service. You have checked into the hotel, and it is officially time to enjoy the good life. Well truth is, it is not always about the good life…

1– The hotel employee that doesn’t go away before you tip.
You just arrived at your holiday destination so you probably won’t have any spare change of local currency in your pocket. Nevertheless, the hotel worker who helped with the luggage waits for his tip in your hotel room. He has already shown you where you can find all toilet amenities, where you can find the hotel slippers and he has shown how the safe works. He certainly does its best and there seems to be no chance that he leaves before he has his well deserved tip. So prepare yourself for a comprehensive demonstration of the air conditioning …

2– Noisy neighbors
The walls in a hotel can be quite thin so chances are you will hear both the good times and bad times of your direct hotel neighbors. With hellish hotel neighbors this can be quite an adventure. From the television that is really loud to  ‘ private business ‘ where you want to know nothing about, you will want to buy some ear plugs really soon.
3– The elevator stops on every floor
You have overslept and the breakfast buffet closes in about ten minutes, drama! It is all inclusive so you would definitely not want to miss your ‘ free ‘ breakfast. Unfortunately, the elevator here thinks otherwise and stops on every floor on the way down. The precious minutes are ticking away and you’re stuck in the slow elevator.


4– You have an expensive room with a horrible view
This holiday you wanted to pamper yourself with a good hotel room with a view of the sea. The hotel staff will indicate that you can see the sea, if you will look far in the distance. You know that they are right, surely you can hang on the balcony edge while someone holds you to the ankles so that you can fold your neck past the concrete apartment block.. There is the sea!


5– Room service stops to early
You arrive in your hotel late at night, and you know that the restaurant will be closed already. Fortunately, there is another option: room service! You throw yourself eagerly on the map and look at what you should order. On the last page of the menu your dream shatters, room service is open from 6:00 to 22:00 and it’s been past eleven in the evening. What a disappointment..

6– Your keycard expired
After a long day, you want to get in to your hotel room, ready to stretch out in bed. But hey, what is that? You hold the key card against the lock and the red indicator light goes on. Haven’t we all had to deal with the drama that your key card is expired too early? There is nothing else to do then to go back and complain about this problem at the reception.

7– The ‘’do not disturb’’ sign will be ignored

You’re laying in bed cozy and all cocooned up with the ‘’do not disturb’’ sign hanging on the door, when suddenly someone knocks at the door and throws the door open right away. ‘’sorry! sorry!’’. So or the staff can not read, or they hope to be able to catch you in an uncomfortable position.

8– The elevator is broken
You always take plenty of luggage with you on holiday so you have all your hopes on a strong hotel worker to help you with the luggage. To your horror you’ll find out that the hotel staff does not help with your  luggage and the elevator is broken. Unfortunately your room is on the 23rd floor.. Get ready to the hotel version of climbing Mount Everest, with luggage!

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