Bermuda shorts, a big camera, a giant map, you know that type of tourist.. A wonderful target for scammers and thieves.

There is a difference between a tourist an traveler. Travelers immerse themselves in the culture of the country, and would like to live as a local. Tourists are only there for a quick visit, they prefer to see the entire city in 2 days. A traveler knows well who are around him. The people who are only taking pictures and those who are actually interested in the culture. But the most important, you can spot ” the tourist ” a mile away, how can you prevent this?


‘’The wrong way backpack’’

There’s no better way to spot a tourist by seeing those that are wearing their backpack forward. They are so concerned about that they end up highlighting the fact that they don’t belong, for that reason making it most likely that they will robed. In addition, the wrong way backpack sends out the message that “I have actually never been to your country before but I already think you are thieving’’.

Where are we?

All of us get lost when we are traveling. We all use maps. Standing on the corner with a lost look on your face will certainly lead to a person coming near you and asking if you need help. Most of the times they are trying to help you, however sometimes people try to send you the wrong direction, so you will get lost…

I Love … Shirt

Don’t wear the shirt in the city while you’re there. How many New Yorkers wear the “I love NY” T-shirt? How many people in Rome wear that one? London? Not many. It can be a fashion statement but combined with doing the things above, it becomes obvious you aren’t wearing it to be fashionable, you are wearing the shirt because it’s a cool souvenir.


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