Discover more in the Netherlands than just Amsterdam

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When people think about the Netherlands, they only think about Amsterdam, the red lights and the famous coffeeshops. And maybe cheese to. But there is much more in this beautiful small country. Like Rotterdam! It may not get all the attention Amsterdam does, but Rotterdam is a perfect place to shop, see great architecture and learn everything about the giant port.

Erasmus Bridge

It’s a great point to take photos of the city and boats. The bridge is a popular sightseeing attraction, go walk on it! The bridge looks like a harp, that exceeds the largest port in Europe.

the Euromast Tower

The Tower has a revolving lift that takes you 185 meters high. There’s a restaurant at the top however it’s a bit expensive. The view is amazing from the top, but if you don’t like height i think you will be down quickly . You could also abseil down as well.


Near the Euromast (a ten-minute walking) is the historical suburb of Delfshaven. You’ll find museums and the original mill from the Mayflower.

Walk in the park

Also near the Euromast, there’s a big park that creates for walking, relaxing, chilling, and sports.

A lot of people like it more than Amsterdam’s famed Vondelpark. I recommend to spend here your day off.

The largest port in Europe

Rotterdam has the biggest and even busiest port in all of Europe. Take a look at all the boats who are coming, and take a look at the private yachts. Go for a lunch to one of the many restaurants in the port en enjoy watching everything that passes.

Visit the cube houses

Rotterdam is known for modern and innovative architecture. An excellent example of this is the Cube Houses. A row of 38 tiny cube-shaped houses, all containing 3 floors.One of the houses is open for public visitors.

Market hall

The Market Hall is a residential- and office building with a market hall underneath, located in Rotterdam. Here you can eat great food or enjoy a drink with friends.

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