Nightlife in Venice

Let me guide you through Venice, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

Have Fun! – Enjoy Apartments Venice

My Favorite Places


A big hotspot in Venice is the bar located in the Bauer hotel. The B-bar is a local favourite. This bar is also perfect if you want to spot celebs. But ofcourse you can have a nice cocktail en enjoy the live music.


TAG Club

A good club to have some drinks and dancing around. Over here you can party like you want to party. There is a good atmosphere and good music. You need to be a member to get inside but don’t worry, you can fix this inside for a bit money.


Piccolo mondo

The place is literally a hole in te wall and it has a great atmosphere. Its located in the bello center of Venice
This club is pretty much the only place that is open past 2am. If you are ready for a good party make sure you have been here.


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