Nightlife in Budapest

Let me guide you through Budapest, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

Have Fun! – Svetlana Enjoy Apartments Budapest

My Favorite Places

The Enchanted Forest

This is the perfect place to have a dance and some drinks with your friends. The admosfeer of ESCAPE is pretty cool!It’s a big club with good music and light displays.

Tip: buy your tickets online it would save you money and no waiting in the line




Westerunie is located in the beautiful Westerpark, a former gas plant. It is near the city centre. The rooms are very nice and different music styles turned.

Krak'n Town

AIR is the club in Amsterdam with an international look and feel. AIR stands for endurance, imagination, high quality and also freedom. AIR astonishes its visitors with diverse electronic music for different people and its attention to service.



4BRO Downtown

The Melkweg (“Milky Way”) is a popular music venue as well as social facility in Amsterdam. It lies on the Lijnbaansgracht, near the Leidseplein, a prime nightlife facility of Amsterdam. It is housed in a former dairy and is divided into a number of spaces of varying sizes. Beside a huge hall for different categories of music concerts, there are also spaces for dance/theater, cinema, photography and media-art.

Alterego Club and Lounge

Bitterzoet is doing his best to have different kind of music styles. The music styles are very varied, from hip hop to rock and  form funk to pop music. Every day there is something else in Bitterzoet!

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