Nightlife in Madrid

Let me guide you through Madrid, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

Cheers! – David Enjoy Apartments Madrid

My Favorite Places

The most beautiful open-air nightclub in Madrid is Ananda. It is located near the Atocha station and is especially in the summer very nice. You have a great vip area and lounge sofas everywhere. You can dance to house and ultimate classics. Inside you have two rooms with different music. The drinks are a little bit expensive but in the different areas and the open air terrace you can entertain yourself on a warm summer evening. In the winter it is only opened inside, but it is certainly not less fun!

Bar Cock
In Madrid, the real nightlife starts late so where do you go to get your evening started? Visit the cosy bar Cock. Here you have the greatest opportunity to find the best cocktails in town. The name Cock comes from the word cocktails, and not of the English equivalent! The bar is a popular place and most locals start their evening here. In warm weather, you can also relax on the terrace. Bar Cock is hidden in an alley between Chueca and Gran Via, so you have to search a little bit!

Buddha del Mar
Buddha del mar is the hippest club of Madrid. The most beautiful cars are in front of the club and you can regularly spot football players from Real Madrid and other Spanish celebrities. The club is about 8 km from Madrid at the highway, so you must be with a car or taxi. The club is beautiful decorated, you have lounge sofas everywhere and all this with an oriental touch. Below you can also enjoy a nice meal. The music ranges from hip hop and r&b to pop and house. If you’re in a nice dress, you can come in the club with no problems.

Casa Patas
Casa Patas is a real flamenco bar in the Lavaspiós district. This district is known for the creative and various locals and the small amount of tourists who walk around there. The nightlife here really lives up to its name and only starts after 0:00. The same applies to Casa Patas, you need to skip the early flamenco shows , go to the late shows, here you can see the real traditional dancers work. In the weekend the shows begin at 21:00 and 0:00. A guitarist provides the accompanying music. If you want a seat close to the stage, then you have to make an reservation. In addition to the spectacular show they also serve spectacular tapas.

Cerveceria Alemana
After a delicious dinner it’s time for a good beer in a cozy Pub. Hemingway traveled the world for inspiration and he also makes a stop in Madrid every now and then. When he was in Madrid he always came to Cerveceria Alema, where he always sat in the same spot: to the right of the entrance, the only table by the window. This place is as of today only available for writers, philosophers or other literary regulars. Cerveceria Alemana has also a very nice terrace and even finer tapas. And you can not leave Cerveceria without a taste of one of the many different beers!

Club Low
This nightclub is less known to tourists, but the people of Madrid enjoy the music very much. It is a somewhat alternative club with a large and a small Hall, where two different types of music are turned. The drinks are pretty pricey and the music starts here, after one o’clock late at night. Every week there are other DJs. A swinging evening among the locals is guaranteed!

Del Diego
The owner of this cocktail bar stood for years in the most famous cocktail bar Chicote in Madrid. Here he learned the tricks of the trade and decided to start a private bar with his experience. And with success: in Del Diego are now the best cocktails served. So order one of the many cocktails on the map or get surprised by the barman. How the cocktails are prepared is an art in itself and very nice to see. The service is sometimes a little late because of how crowded it sometimes can be, but it’s all worth it!

Joy is one of the most famous nightclubs of Madrid, located in the centre of madrid. The club is housed in a building that was used as a theatre from 1872, but now Joy is transformed into a trendy night Temple that has trade the classical music concerts for popular dance music. The charm of the theatre is not entirely gone, next to the beautiful decorations on the Interior is also the stage still used by professional dancers. The public is a pleasant mix of tourists and locals. Out of the speakers comes popular dance music, latin, house and hip hop. The party starts from two o’clock at night, so don’t come to early!

This classic of Madrid is a perfect place for socializing and good drinks. With music from all over the world, like soul, hip hop, two-step, R&B and reggae latino! On weekends, the only real party is here. Kingston’s is a place where you must have been during your trip in Madrid!

Kapital is the largest and most famous discotheque of Madrid. There are seven floors, each with a different kind of music. The Interior, the grandeur and the amount of people are really impressive. Guaranteed a really nice night! Once in a minute there is an cold air blown in the discotheque, which is very nice as it is so hot on the dance floor. Do you need a little bit extra cooling? The roof terrace is lovely to blow out under the Spanish stars.

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