How to save money in Madrid?

Dec 21, 2015 | Enjoy Apartments, Events Madrid, Madrid

Relax on a terrace with lovely sangria, tapas and a wonderful view, Madrid is a city where you melt. This only happens also with your wallet. If you aren’t smart, your money is away very quickly. You will be tempted by the cosy restaurants and cafes. Below some tips to save money in Madrid!


Buy a MadridCard.

Madrid is one of the best places to get one. There are a lot of museums and attractions worth seeing that ticket prices can really add up quickly. The MadridCard will help you. It provides totally free and discounted admission to 50 museums and monuments around the city, and also it allows you avoid the ticket lines!

Skip taxis

The underground system in Madrid is really considerable and could take you anywhere you need to go. Don’t waste your money on overpriced taxis.

A 10-pack of metro/bus tickets

Metro and bus tickets cost €1.50 each. However, you can purchase a “carnet,” which is a pack of 10 tickets costing €12,20. It saves you €2.80! A small cost saving, but better than nothing!

Visit the free sights

The city has a lot of free attractions, including museums like the Palacio de Cristal, Basílica de San Francisco el Grande, Congreso de los Diputados, most churches, and parks. You’ll find a lot of places in Madrid to visit for free.

Get your lunch at the food market

Madrid is a market city, with food markets throughout town. If you want to saving big money on meals, head to one of these markets, Choose some tapas, wine, bread, meats, or anything else, and go to the park for a picnic.

Use Enjoy Apartments

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Remember that water is free!

When you order water at a restaurant, make sure you ask for tap water

Take a free walking tour

Free walking tours of Madrid main sights are available from several tour companies. It’s imitated after one in New york city. Be sure to tip your guide!


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