Greet the spring with the biggest events of the year! The end of February is the  end of winter in most of the countries. Through the years traditions how to greet the spring developed into the biggest and most colorful events and carnivals of the year. More than 8 locations invites you to celebrate and greet spring together!

Rio de Janeiro

One of the most famous events known to all the world is Rio de Jeneiro carnival. Annual event takes in one of the biggest cities in Brazil. Carnival events continues for around two weeks and are lead by world famous Samba schools performances. From  28 of February to 8 of March street of Rio is never ending fiesta. Join the party for unforgettable memories! Read more information about the carnival here.


greet the spring with the biggest events of the year2

Aruba with most beautiful beaches and sunsets invites you to the carnival season. Get introduced to most colorful Aruban traditions in a rhythms of traditional music and songs. Aruban carnival season celebrates its´ 60 years celebration promising most vibrant atmosphere.  Carnival season is in January and February. This weekend is the best time for visiting this magical place and greet the spring with the biggest events of the year! Read more  about the carnival here.


Another country celebrating carnival and beginning of spring is country of Curacao. It´s a small island close to the coast of Venezuela.  The island is a former dutch colony with old traditions and celebrations. Just like Aruba, Curacao has a carnival season from January  to March. Enjoy your weekend in sunny and exotic Curacao in colorful costumes!  Read more  about the carnival in Curacao here.


Spain is also famous for its´carnivals. And it´s true that all Spain is celebrating. City of Malaga in Andalusia region is celebrating the Day of Andalusia in 28 of February.

On the last week of February and beginning of March Catalonia  region celebrates Sitges carnival. Sitges is a town 40 min away from Barcelona. This town is known for beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife. During carnival week city shines in completely different colors. Sitges invites to greet the spring with the biggest events of the year. Show your your true self on the night  of 2 of March. Read more  about the carnival in Sitges here.

Madrid invites true sports fan to celebrate beginning of spring in football stadium to encourage and cheer for your favorite team. This Sunday (2 of March) participate in “Atletico Madrid”game against “Real Madrid”.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam

If you are a little tired from the parties and loud carnivals. Or if you could not escape your work for far destinations Netherlands invites you to the restaurant week. What could be better than to ggreet the spring with the biggest events of the year and with the tastiest wood. National restaurant week takes place in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, also other cities. Enjoy best cuisines and traditional dutch food. National restaurant week starts on 28 of February (More).


greet the spring with the biggest events of the year3

Lastly, London invites you to celebrate spring on a pancake day! Pancake Day takes place 47 days before Easter Sunday (4´Th of March 2014). It is the  last celebration before  traditional a period of abstinence. During this day most popular event is “Better Bankside Pancake Day Race”. This event grew from donation event and is an annual and fun event in London. Teams of companies are competing against each other  flipping pancakes in the pan while racing across the city. So get ready to greet the spring with the biggest events of the year and full bellies. More information about this event here.

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