To celebrate New Year’s Eve is always an important thing to do when we are staying at home, but how about celebrating when you travel?

We have listed some of the best places to celebrate New Year’s eve at our destinations. Staying in your rented accommodation is not a bad idea, just get some food and champagne and you have your party set! Nevertheless when you want to go out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, here are some of the best options for you.

  • Barcelona

(timezone Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00)
Plaza Catalonia will be crowded with a mingle of people gathering yearly to inaugurate the New Year.  Also this year (finally) the “Ajuntament de Barcelona”, the city council has decided to make Barcelona more attractive to the many tourists it receives this special night. A firework show is organised at Plaza Espanya. It promises for this year as the show has been greatly promoted and referred to as the biggest happening since the Olympic games! Don’t miss it when you are in Barcelona. Bring 12 grapes to eat as that is what is done in Spain at 12!

  • Rotterdam

(timezone Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00)
Apart from the traditional New Year’s parties, you will be guaranteed a very nice Fireworks show looking at Erasmus bridge and overlooking the Meuse. Go to the famous Boompjeskade to experience the New Year’s eve in Rotterdam. Free “Oliebollen”!

  • Madrid

(timezone Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00)
Unmissable for anyone visiting Madrid these days are the celebrations at la Puerta del Sol. This is by far the most famous celebration in Spain and broadcasted live on national television. Spanish tradition dictates that at the seconds before 12 o’clock 12 grapes shall be eaten by everyone. Be prepared, this is more difficult (goes faster) than it seems ;-). Other things to bring: warm clothes, cava and a cotillon (mask).

  • Rio de Janeiro

(timezone Brasilia Summer Time UTC -02:00)
We suppose that anyone an guess this one but… the best place to receive the New Year in Rio de Janeiro is at the copa, Copacabana of course! Bring with you: havaianas and summer clothes!

  • Malaga

(timezone Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00)
Hear the clocks ringing at Plaza de la Constitución. The Plaza de la Constitucion is a must-go if you are in Malaga. You will find the locals dancing into the New Year. A great way to enjoy your way into 2014!

  •  Andorra

(timezone Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00)
Andorra does not have a specifically defined party going on. Mostly the party is being done in restaurants and after that people tend to go out to the most renown clubs in the area, depending where you are located of course.

  • Curacao

(timezone Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-04:00)
Throughout the island you will find parties. Any respected beach club will have it’s own party. Because of the Dutch roots, in Curacao you will find many places crowded with Dutch people and traditions such as “Oliebollen”. There are firework shows, especially at Punda beach and parties with many famous artists and Dj’s (Afrojack).

  • Aruba

(timezone Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-04:00)
Aruba has a very own tradition for the New Year celebration. Apart from the many parties, one of the most remarkable traditions is the “dande”. It is a tradition in which a group of 5-6 people that accompanied by a singer pass door to door to wish all the best to people. The carousel usually leads to one of the group members’ house where friends and family await them. Over there money is collected and given to the group. So if you see singing groups of people passing by at your villa, you know what’s going on 😉


Now that you have some ideas for celebrating your New Year’s eve, go out there and have some fun. It’s the last night of the year so why not do everything you had not done the other nights of 2013?! Enjoy!

Happy New Year to all!

Regards, the Enjoy team.