Food and Drinks in Madrid

Let me guide you through Madrid, with inside tips on where to eat the best tapas, a fantastic paella or where to enjoy the most tasteful Gintonic.

Cheers! – David Enjoy Apartments Madrid

My Favorite Places

A 2 Velas
A 2 Velas is a charming urban restaurant in the Malasaña district. Once you enter you have first have to take a look around to see what a nice restaurant you’ve discovered. The tables and the colourful wall in the back are very nice details  in the restaurant. You can enjoy a drink at the bar, or choose from the Spanish cuisine, that will be cooked for you in the kitchen. A 2 Velas is not right in the Centre, but would you like to discover places such as this, then you should go a little further in to town. A 2 Velas certainly makes it worth it!

All Natural
All Natural is a vegetarian restaurant in the Centre of Madrid. You can eat all Natural for both lunch and dinner, and you can choose from more than 60 meals. In the vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine the meals are healthy, organic, free from grease and they ensure quick digestion. The decor of All Natural is decorated with fruit, vegetables and large flowers. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, so for a fun, healthy evening in Madrid you need to eat at all Natural!

Bristol Bar
A beautiful and cool bar with a cocktail lounge, called Gintonize. In the middle of the Chueca district they serve a fantastic Spanish menu, with delicious wine and they have a very extensive gin collection. The typical gin is available here, but you can also expect the less common here. The specialities are Dry Martini, Negroni, Gin Fizz and a Spanish Gin & Tonic (lots of gin, lots of ice and little tonic). You already have a menu del dia for € 11,90 and if you come before 14:00 then you get yourself a meal for a tenner! You can choose from a menu and à la carte is also possible. If you’re coming by car you can park at Villa de Paris and Recoletos.

El Madroño
El Madroño is a fun and typical Spanish restaurant on the hidden Square Plaza de la Puerta Cerrada, near Plaza Mayor. The Spanish tiles can be found in the bar and on the walls are decorated with different types of paintings. At El Madroño you can get fantastic tapas, which will be generously provided. You need to try the local drink Licor the Madroño.

El viajero
This cosy restaurant El Viajero (the traveller) has 3 floors and is located in the District of La Latina on Plaza de la Cebada near the famous El Rastro market. Grilling is the specialty here, you definitely need to  try the chorizo ans the salchichas (sausages)! But also the salads and couscous are very delicious. The prices are reasonable, but prepare yourself for a busy lunch and also at night this eatery is very popular to drink something. In the summer it is delicious to eat on the terrace and enjoy the view.

Museo de Jamon
This is one of the five Museo de Jamón in Madrid. In this restaurant you will experience pure Spanish conviviality. Do’nt be surprised by the dirty floor, and feel free to throw your cocktail napkin on the ground. You can order a good beer or a glass of wine and you, as in many places in Madrid, delicious tapas as a side. Don’t let the smell of ham scare you, just try it. The other Museo de Jamón can be found in the following streets: la calle Alcalá, Atocha, Escoriaza, Marcelo Usera and Alcorcón.

Taberna La Dolores
This tapas restaurant at Plaze de Jesús serves its audience since 1908! Lunchtime is very busy with Madrilenos who come here to enjoy their caña and tapas. If you are going to eat here then be sure to try the tuna (bonito and escabeche) , the anchovies (boquerones and vinagre) or the delicious ham (jamón). Enjoy the Spanish atmosphere in one of the most famous tapas restaurants of Madrid.

Fun eating is Wagaboo’s motto. An open kitchen where the Mediterranean and Asian pasta is prepared in front of you. The Interior has pink accents. The menu is a combination of Mediterranean, international recipes (mostly Oriental) and a lot of creativity. They have therefore won an award for the best concept in 2007. Just a fun and trendy restaurant that you have to visit when you walk by. Be sure that you are on time tough, it is a popular location!

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