Food and Drinks in Mallorca

Let me guide you through Amsterdam, with inside tips on where to eat the best stroopwafels, an amazing FEBO croquet or where to enjoy the most tasteful Herring.

Cheers, Vincent Enjoy Amsterdam


My Favorite Places

La Bodega

La bodega has a fantastic selection of tapas. If you don’t like the small portions tapas, Don’t worry! La Bodega served also big portions. The restaurant has a charming traditional interior decorated with wood and stone throughout. The staff of La Bodega is fantastic, they always wanted to help you.

Anima Beach

This restaurant has a amazing location! It’s located right on the beach and overlooking the bay. A perfect place for a lunch and a cup of coffee, but also for a diner.

El Molino Mediterraneo

It’s a very good place for lunch or diner  in Palma. El Molino Mediterraneo served delicious tapas, wine and cocktails! This is the perfect place to hang-out with your friends and enjoy the sun


Restaurant Diferent has this name not just for fun. The restaurant serves completely different dishes than other restaurants in Cala D’or. The menu is varied and it’s not expensive, but also not cheap. Diferent has good quality food & drinks and friendly staff.

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