Top 20 restaurants in Prague!

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Are you planning on making a trip to Prague and want some tips on where you should eat? Then you came to the right place. There are so many different restaurants in Prague. And in this blog post you can find our top 20 restaurant in Prague where you can eat!


#1 Malostranska Beseda

Do you want to experience a typical Czech dish? Then you should go to Malostranska Beseda. This restaurant has a typical Czech cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere so that guests can feel at home. You have smaller meals which are suitable for beer, traditional meals and you also have vegetarian meals.

Adres: Malostranské náměstí 21, Prague
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#2 The Alcron

If you want some luxury then you should go to The Alcon. This is a Michelin-starred restaurant and it’s known for its seafood dishes like tuna sashimi, scallop, lobster bisque and slow cooked octopus made under Chef Roman Paulus. The restaurant opened in 1932. Because of the jazzy, intimate setting of The Alcron it still has the old-world feeling.

Adres: Štěpánská 40, Prague


#3  Hergetova Cihelna

This restaurant is very lively and it’s also really stylish. It’s next to the Prague’s Vltava river and you will see the Charles Bridge and in the background you can see all the boats going up the river. Both locals and tourist love to come here for the variation of international and Czech dishes.

Adres: Cihelná 2b, Prague


#4 Terasa U Zlaté Studně

This restaurant has a magnificent view of Prague. They have a delicious cuisine and chef-d’oeuvres created by chef Pavel Sapík. It has a beautiful terrace where you can have lunch or dinner. Their terrace leads directly to the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle. They have lots of different kind of dishes in their restaurant. They also gained multiple awards. Such as Best Czech Restaurant in 2012 and in 2016 the hotel became The Best Luxury Hotel in Europe.

Adres: U Zlaté Studně 4, Prague




#5 Dish

If you are looking for something simple then Dish is a good place to eat. It is the city’s favourite burger place. You can have all different kinds of burgers, the classic is with bacon and cheese. If you want you can add all kinds of stuff like mushrooms etc. You can also order fries or a salad with your burger.

Adres: ŘÍMSKÁ 29, Prague
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#6 Equilibrista

This is an Italian restaurant and their exclusive products come directly from Italy. Also their wine comes straight from Italy and they know the winemakers personally. The restaurant is classy, relaxed and makes you feel at home.

Adres: Budecska 10, Prague


#7 K The Two Brothers

If you want some Indian food then K The Two Brothers is where you should go. They offer typical Indian dishes. They designed the decor of the restaurant typically Indian. Also the staff here is really friendly.

Adres: Petrska 1136/12, Prague

#8 Mlynec Restaurant

This is an European restaurant but they also have Czech dishes. Their chef Marek Šáda is really passionate about his dishes and he never stops looking for specialty’s. The restaurant is very central and above the river Vltava. The restaurant was a candidate for a Michelin Star as well.

Adres: Novotneho lavka 199/9,Prague




#9 Bila krava

This is a french restaurant where you can find steaks and other beef dishes. Guests can also taste various fruit brandies from their own distillery which were awarded on competitions around the country! The beef is produced by Czech farmers and the lamb is out their farm. It is a small and nice restaurant and the staff is really nice here. 

Adres: Rubesova 83/10, Prague
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#10 la veranda

This restaurant is very positive. Their menu has delicious and special dishes like Fish creamy soup with Piment d’Espelette and Fried prawn in kadaif noodles. The restaurant is in a old Jewish neighbourhood.

Adres: Elisky Krasnohorske 10/2, Prague


#11 Yami

If you feel like having some great sushi then Yami is your restaurant. They have fresh and nice Japanese dishes. You can choose to eat in their summer garden, at comfortable tables or you can sit at a sushi bar where you can see the chefs preparing your meal.

Adres: Masna 3, Prague


#12 San Carlo

For the best pizza’s in Prague you have to pay a visit to San Carlo in the city centre. They have pizza, pasta and other italian dishes. They also have great wines and the decor of the restaurant is really nice and old fashioned.

Adres: Dittrichova 20, Prague




#13 Wine O’Clock

Are you looking for a nice glass of wine? Wine O’Clock is your place. It already says it in the name. They have Southern Italian wines and wines from Czech Republic that you can taste. Their dishes are freshly prepared in front of you. You don’t have many places like this in Prague.

Adres: Liliova 16, Prague
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#14 Etnosvet

This is an international restaurant with vegan food. You can get colorful dishes from all over the world. If you are a vegetarian or just like vegan food, Etnosvet is a great restaurant for you. This restaurant has won multiple awards in 2016.

Adres: Legerova 40, Prague


#15 Pagana

This is an Italian family restaurant with great seafoods as well. You can find the restaurant in the centre of Prague. The service here in this restaurant makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

Adres: Vladislavova 17, Prague


#16 The Street

If you just want a quick bite to eat with a great and feel like having a cocktail after then The Street is great. They serve burgers, hotdogs and more street food inspired meals. It is also a cocktail bar so you can have a cocktail after. The staff here is really nice and there is a great atmosphere.

Adres: Konviktska 11, Prague




#17 Divine

This is a family restaurant an it is not a typical Czech restaurant. It is not traditional, it services modern Czech food. They have a special chef’s menu after 6pm. They also have a big wine list that you can choose from. With a small team of employees they serve great meals and services.

Adres: Londýnská 315/71, Prague


#18 Bad Jeff’s Barbeque

In Bad Jeff´s Barbeque they thrive for American style BBQ with a twist. They offer a high quality dining experience with great burgers, mac n cheese, spareribs etc. The restaurant is located close to several tram and metro stops so it has good access.

Adres: Americka 32, Prague


#19 U Modre Kachnicky

This restaurant has a traditional Czech cuisine. They work with local meats and they only use prime ingredients. The interior of the restaurant is very detailed. The restaurant exists since 1993 so it exists quite a while. Michael V. is the chef in this restaurant and masterd his cooking skills in Sweden.

Adres: Nebovidská 6, Prague
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#20 Blue Wagon

This restaurant offers a modern french cuisine with primary seasonal ingredients. Not only do they serve good food they can also recommend you suitable wines from different countries. The service in this restaurant is great and this restaurant is also really popular among the locals!

Adres: Uruguayská 19, Prague


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