How to pick the right apartment


You want to rent an apartment for your next trip, but where do you begin? There are so many apartments and so many locations! How can you find the right apartment for you and your family or friends? In this blog post I made a guide for you with our tips on how to pick the right apartment.


Step 1

Go to the website

We, Enjoy Apartments, have over 12 years of experience in renting tourist, monthly rental and long stay apartments to visitors from around the globe. We guarantee quality, 100% licensed/legal and reviewed apartments. Enjoy Apartments assures you are covered by our lowest price guarantee (which means you cannot get the apartment at a cheaper rate anywhere).


Step 2

It is time to choose your destination. Do you have a city you alwayPick the right apartments wanted to visit? Or a city that you just fell in love with!

Enjoy Apartments has several holiday destinations from all over the world that you can choose from.  Go on holiday to Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dubai or Rio de Janeiro.  If you want to go on a city trip you can go to one of the best cities in Europe! You can go to Barcelona, London, Paris, Lisbon, Istanbul, Rome, Vienna, Prague and many more.

So, whether you are moving to the city, enjoying a romantic getaway or getting ready for a well-deserved city break, you are sure to find the perfect destination.



Step 3

Pick the date! Are you flexible about the dates? Make sure you book your trip dateduring the low season, this will save you a lot of money. It can also be a lot more expensive during big events or local holidays. Make sure you search for these events or holidays in the destination that you picked. If you are not flexible pick the dates that suit you best!




Step 4

Decide what you want. Do you want to bring you pet? Are you brining small children and do you need a crib? Are you traveling with someone older or with someone who isn’t very mobile?  Then you probably need find an apartment with an elevator or not that many stairs. Do you want to cook? Look for an apartment that has a kitchen. Or do you have a preference of the location of the apartment? Do you need an apartment that is near public transport? If you are going to rent a car or bring your own, is there parking nearby?

This is really important if you want to pick the right apartment. Make a list of a couple of things that are of really necessary for you and then search for the apartment that has your needs. You can also email us your requests and then we can find the perfect apartment for you!


Step 5

Choose your budget. Do you want to save money choose for a smaller apartmentPick the right apartment
or an apartment that is  located a bit out of the city. This can save you some money. If you want to enjoy your trip with more luxury then you can look for a luxury apartment.



Step 6

Book your apartment!

Now that you selected all your needs it is time to pick the apartment that is perfect for your stay! We, Enjoy Apartments, offer more than 400 apartments. There is always someone locally to assist you during your stay, no matter in which city you want to stay. If needed, we arrange services such as airport transfer, guided city tour, entrances to local performances, etc.. you name it.


We hope this blog post helped you choose the right apartment and has everything that you need during your trip. If you have questions about apartments or need more tips contact us!

Check out our website for the apartments!