Meet our team: Pascal Quijs

Mar 9, 2018 | About us, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments

Meet our team


Who is behind Enjoy Apartments? That is a question we get asked a lot! That’s why we want to present the people behind our concept. In this blogpost you can meet the marketing & brand manager of Enjoy Apartments.


Name: Pascal Quijs
Job function: Marketing & Brand Manager


Meet our team

1.  What are you doing at Enjoy Apartments?
I usually take care of the marketing activities, secure the brand and keep our websites and social media channels up to date. One of the most important jobs that I have is to make Enjoy Apartments a more recognizable brand. It doesn’t matter through which channel they have booked one of our apartments, but they must know that it is an Enjoy apartment where they stay.
Also I work on local branding, so I’m always looking to see where we can have collaborations or see where we can get some more traffic to our online channels like the website and the social media.
And of course I pass by the apartments on regularly base to see if everything is as it should be.

2.  How long have you been working for Enjoy Apartments?
I did an internship at Enjoy Apartments in 2013, since that period of 5 months I felt kind of in love with Barcelona and I said since that moment that I will come back here at any moment! At the end of 2016 I made the choice to go and start investigate my opportunities over here. I went here many times and every time I met with Ralph Taal, or passed by the office. Last February I told him about my plans to move to Barcelona.
After our conversation he said that I should think about a job at Enjoy. Since they were growing at that time and he could use somebody extra at the office. So that’s what I did and after a few conversations it became real. In may 2017 I moved to Barcelona and since then I’m working at Enjoy Apartments and still really happy that I made this decision.
So as an answer to the question, I just had my one year jubileum! 

3.  What do you do on a regular workday?
It’s hard to describe because every day is different. But some of the regular things I do is writing content, thinking about new campaigns or stuff so we can distinguish ourselves, handle the incoming chats on the websites, search for collaborations, have a look from which possible partners we can get traffic,post content on our social media, think about new actions to build the brand and many more!
It’s never a dull day at Enjoy!

4.  What do you like the most about your job and about Enjoy Apartments?
The fact that we operate worldwide is very exciting. But the most important thing for me at Enjoy Apartments is that when you have an idea, they will listen to you and if everybody thinks the idea is great, you can work it out! And they will also say it when you have to adjust the idea to make it work. That is very important for me, so you can always learn.
There is never a day the same as the day before, that’s great. Everyday I get in touch with other people, other possible partners and I have to be out of the office quite often.
But the most satisfying moments are those when you get another 5-star review from a guest, they tell you that the tips you gave them were helpful and that they have Enjoyed their stay! 


5.  What do you want to accomplish with Enjoy Apartments? And what accomplishment are you most proud of?
Our goal is to make Enjoy Apartments a big, global player in the market. That people know the brand and know what they can expect when they book an apartment through us.
Till now I’m proud of the things we did about branding, the candies with our logo are really cool and were fun to make. We keep improving that so currently I’m thinking about the next step! Can’t tell you that much about right know, but keep posted!

The Green Project is something that I’m proud of. This project we’d started to get more ‘reviews’, or as I prefer to call them: ‘Online Feedback’. For every piece of Online Feedback we receive, we will plant a tree somewhere in a project of One Tree Planted. They became our partner in this project and they are doing a really good job! Currently they are working at the Pacific North-West where last year ware so many hectares destroyed by forest fires. 

6. Whom do you work together with?
Enjoy Apartments operates with many people. Ralph Taal is one of the founders and is still the Director Manager. He’s most of the time at the office but has to go into the field as well to find new apartments and partners.
Besides Ralph we have another colleague, which cannot be missed, named Sol! She’s the Operational Manager of Enjoy and do everything from booking to check-out. Together with one or two of the assistants she takes care of almost everything that has to be done at the apartments and for the guests.
I named them above, the assistants. These people are really important for a company as Enjoy Apartments. Every time they come up with new ideas and last but not least, they are the extra hands we need during the seasons! It’s a real pleasure to have them at the office and work together. 2/3 of the year I have my own, on the seat of ‘Marketing & Communication Assistant’. That’s of course the lucky one. Sometimes they even learn something from me, that’s a privilege not giving to many, haha!

7. What do you think about living in Barcelona?
I told at the 2nd question that I felt kind of in love with Barcelona. And I still am. I live close to La Sagrada Familia in the great neighborhood of L’ Eixample. During the spring and summer I’m literally only at home to sleep. You live here outside, at the parks and beaches. In those months I go after work on my bicycle to the beach and Enjoy the last hours of sunshine.
Almost every weekend you can go to a local festival, there is always something to do in Barcelona. Never a dull moment!
Last year I chilled with a lot of Dutchies, nothing wrong with that of course, but I want to get more international connections. So that’s one of the main goals for this year. And say it yourself, what’s wrong with going to work if you can go underneath the Palm trees? We have to go anyways, so better this way!


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