Food and Drinks in Malaga

Let me guide you through Malaga, with inside tips on where to eat the best boquerones, fantastic tapas malagueñas or where to enjoy the most tasteful espetos de sardinas.

Cheers! – Melanie Enjoy Apartments Malaga

My Favorite Places

El Tintero II
This place has a special recognition among places to eat “fried fish” in the city of Málaga. Here you can try the classical fried anchovies and inkwell, along with a varied menu that includes fried fish, grilled and seafood. What makes this restaurant a special place is that here the fish is “for auction”, the waiters go by announcing the dishes to the tables and diners are raising their hands to be their “award”. At the end of the meal, waiters charged them rations as dishes that are on the table. The restaurant is open all day, when the summer auction is done only during the day.

La Campana
It is a small bar in the historic city center (Calle Granada, 35), near the Picasso Museum. While it has now become a touristic site, leaving behind the typical tavern with wine barrels, retains a good Malaga cuisine where you can eat seafood and fried fish at good prices. As the place is small and fills, you may have to wait but you can go about biting anchovies in vinegar in the bar with a sweet wine or a beer. And honoring the name of the bar, do not be surprised if you hear a bell while you’re eating: the sound made each time someone leaves a tip. Open every day except Sunday afternoon.

Bar Mercado del Carmen
Located in the district of El Perchel you can find the Market Cafe del Carmen. This historic market was renovated in 2010 and offers customers fresh fish brought directly from the port of Malaga. No wonder then that at the bar located on the spot the fish that is offered is fresh and of good quality. Of course, in this case there will be a proposal to wine lovers, they will not have much supply. But if that is what is anchovies, they can be found here in vinegar, fried or grilled. In addition, warmer weather can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the Church of Our Lady of Carmen. Open in market hours, Monday through Saturday at noon, but on Fridays and Saturdays they are also open at night.

Andy Maricuchi Restaurant 
The old district of fishermen, has several restaurants where you can have a good spit, it will not be difficult to find a place on the terraces where you can see the prices and dishes. Andy Maricuchi restaurant is one of the most famous in the area.

Chiringuito Servando
A restaurant with good quality Chiringuito Servando and a good price ratio. 

Casa Juan
Another area where you can find the best kebabs in Malaga, in this area you find one of essential bars, Casa Juan, specializing in seafood, a benchmark.

El cortijo de Pepe
Located in the Plaza de la Merced, it emphasizes the authenticity of Málaga, taste and price. It has two distinct areas if you’re going to eat tapas or the bar and tables, offering variety in his menu. 
Its price is around € 10 per person

El Tapeo del Cervantes 
El Tapeo del Cervantes 
ranks third in the ranking of Malaga restaurants.

Located in the street near the Teatro Cervantes, this restaurant has the special charm of the Andalusia taverns; its atmosphere makes it special. It also owns certificate of excellence award of Michelin.

Bodegas El Pimpi
It is one of the most emblematic restaurants in Malaga, between its walls have been famous people who have left their stamp on the barrels of the typical sweet wine of Malaga.

In its menu the highlights are the fried fish and anchovies Malaga, these are the star dishes

The atmosphere, the different rooms and the terrace, make it a special place to go with family or friends. It has a calendar of events with live music, cultural gatherings and other activities.

Its average price is between 10 and 15 €.

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