A great thing about holidays is that you don’t have any obligations. And where can you forget your work and other stressful activities easier than on the beach. Just lie down enjoy the sun and relax on the sand while your listening to the soothing waves. Learn more aboat some amazing beaches around the world.


Don’t want to choose between leisure vacation and active cultural vacation? Then Barcelona is the perfect place for you! Next to the great architecture, art, restaurants, parks, statues and buildings, Barcelona also has great seaside. The beach is next to the city center and is easy to reach with metro. Planning to go shopping on La Ramblas and at the end of the afternoon you still feel like going to the beach? The beach is only 5 minutes walk from La Ramblas. You don’t have to choose between the one or the other because the city center is so close to the beach.  On the beach and right next to it you have a lot of bars and restaurants to lunch in between your tanning sessions. A good thing to know is that the beach of Barcelona is really popular among tourists, especially in the summer months it’s really crowded. So don’t go to late to the beach and you will have a great time.

If you want something less crowded. The public transport in Barcelona and the surrounding cities are great. You can go to Sitges, Badalona and Mataro. There are all less crowded small towns with amazing beaches.
Beach Barcelona


Aruba is a small island in Caribbean. Being located so close to South America it has not only great weather and unique culture, but also number of great beaches.  Beaches of Aruba are considered the most clean beaches of the Caribbean. The beaches are a bit the same as in Curacao, so ideal for your relax vacation, to forget about work, etc. Due nu the number of beaches on the island you can choose between touristic beaches, less crowded or least visited by tourists places to enjoy white sand and warm water!

Famous Fofoti trees at Eagle Beach Aruba


To become totally relaxed, Curacao is absolutely most perfect location. With it’s amazing white beaches and the clear blue water Curacao is an amazing place to go. But don’t think that’s the only thing you can do on the beach. In the evening there are a lot of bars open and beach parties are organized regularly. The great thing of Curacao is that it’s an island so it’s surrounded by sea. There are a lot of beaches and they are never too crowded. Mostly the water is also calm and easy, so when you don’t have to swim against the waves.

Yet if you prefer active rest on the beach Curacao can offer great waves for surfing. Curacao is known for it’s water activities. All through the season you can enjoy most beautiful Yachts racing in the horizon. Enjoy the waves and the competition of surfing or enjoy nature of amazing Caribbean sea while snorkeling.

Rio de Janeiro

The Copacabana beach is of the most famous beaches in the world. Not only the beach with a beautiful background of the Copacabana is worth watching. On the Copacabana beach you will see a lot of characteristic people performing all kinds of entertainment like playing football, dancing, enjoying a match of volleyball and a lot more. But there are more great beaches in Rio de Janeiro! if you don’t like to share your beach with loads of people, you can choose  calmer beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The Prainha beach is a great beach to go with your family, it’s also a great place to go surfing.


Malaga is another great city next to Mediterranean sea. With the great weather in the south of Spain. Malaga is a great location to enjoy the sun, sand and water. The water is calm and it’s perfect for each kind of swimmer. In Malaga you have a number of beaches and whatever kind of beach you like – Malaga has it. If you like fishing, swimming, tanning or playing beach sports you can do it all on the beaches of Malaga.


Forget about everything, go alone, go with your friends or with your family and make sure you have a great and relaxing time! Enjoy Apartments has top located apartments close to the beach in each of these cities and countries.

Do you also think the beach is the best location to relax or do you know a better place? Please let us know!