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Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Let me guide you through Buenos Aires, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

Cheers! – Sol Enjoy Apartments Buenos Aires

My Favorite Places

Terrazas Del Este 
Maybe the music is not the best, but the place is amazing. You are going to be in the middle of some natural reserve. Terrazas Del Este is a typical disco that is open all days off the year. Between Tuesdays and Thursday the clubs opens as “After Office”.

Floreria Atlantico
This is one of the 50 best bars in the world, and it’s strange, but the place is very little, located under a music-wine shop in the centre of Buenos Aires.
The idea? Take an unconventional drink… at the bar!

Rosebar is one of the biggest discos in Buenos Aires, located in the heart of Palermo. The place has 3 different music rooms, 6 Vip rooms and you can find both Argentinean people and tourists at the same time.

It is the best club if you want to really feel like an local in Argentina!

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