Burglary prevention

Sep 29, 2021 | Enjoy

Maybe you have experienced it yourself, or someone close to you. There has been a burglary while you are on vacation.

Burglary is unfortunately something that still happens very often so, without the right burglary protection and burglary prevention it can disrupt a trip.

1. This is what you can do in order to prevent burglary.

Deter burglars with a security camera. The best burglary prevention is actually quite simple: Deter burglars! There are various ways to deter burglars.

In any case, make sure that burglars immediately see that your burglary protection is in place as soon as they try to enter your house. Dummies or real working cameras. The sight of this immediately makes burglars prefer to look for another house.

You could place the cameras or dummies near your bell or behind a window so the burlargs can see them.

2. Close all doors and windows

People often forget to lock a door or window. It may sound stupid, but just that one window or that door that is not double locked can make the difference.

It is also important not only to close and lock everything, but also to ensure that you remove the keys and store them safely. If a key is still in the lock, people can easily access it by simply putting their arm through the letterbox or by drilling a hole under the lock.

In addition, do not only close the doors and windows of the house, but also those of garages and sheds. If you have bicycles or motorbikes here, make sure to lock them properly and maybe even together.

3. Environment

Your burglary protection check is the area around your home. This may be more important for larger houses than for apartments, but even then it is smart to also pay attention to what is happening around your house.

For example, make sure there are no ladders in the garden. Anyone who wants to can easily enter the upper floors. It is also smart to prune trees and shrubs so that there is a direct view of the house. This prevents malicious parties from having the space to do things secretly and your neighbors or people on the street can often keep a closer eye on your house.

4. Provide light at night!

There is nothing better for burglars than the dark as. Intruders prefer to go unnoticed. So, if your house is well lit, you reduce the chance that burglars will enter your house unseen.

A good option is to install a lamp with a motion sensor. It is not only important to light up the outside of your house. Moreover, don’t forget to leave a light on inside or connect it to a timer. Smart to do also: Get a lamp that mimics TV light! This tip may sound obvious, but it can really make the difference.

5. Engage your neighbours, friends or family

A smart thing to do is to: Ask neighbors or family to check your house every now and then when you are on vacation. Allowing others to come over from time to time also helps to protect your home.

Your house looks occupied, not only because there are people in the house for a while, but if your mailbox or doormat is empty, this indicates that your house is visited regularly or it even suggests that someone is at home. In addition, it is also a good time to water the plants!

6. The Ultimate Burglary Prevention: An Alarm System

If you want to do it perfectly, your burglary protection and burglary prevention will only be complete if you install a burglary prevention alarm system. Often the presence of these is enough to deter burglars, But if it does happen that someone enters your house uninvited, it is very nice if an alarm goes off. Neighbors will be alerted immediately and there is a good chance that the burglars will immediately run away.

7. Make sure your valuables are properly stored

Despite all the burglary protection and burglary prevention, it can still happen that someone manages to break into your home. This is the moment when you’re happy when you have properly stored away all your hidden valuables. Are you leaving for a long holiday or going backpacking for months? Make sure everything is stored safely.

Think of important documents and valuable jewelry or heirlooms. Don’t forget: if you have a lot of cool travel photos and documents, and they are stored on an external hard drive, make sure you store them safely and well hidden.

8. To share or not to share: Social Media

We understand if you want to share the most beautiful places and coolest moments of your holiday with the rest of the world. So… if you live in a neighborhood where burglary occurs more than often, it’s safer to wait until you’re back home after your trip. It may sound like something that never happens, but it happens more often than you think.

You share something on social media that shows that you are not home and then there is a burglary. You can see it this way: Your vacation photos feel like an invitation to burglars to clear your house, so think twice before sharing and if you do share, make sure you’ve thought about the tips mentioned  above.

Some tips may sound exaggerated and you don’t have to follow them all, do what is necessary for your situation. The aim of this article is to ensure that you leave your home safely when you are travelling.

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