12 tips to do at the day before you travel

Sep 21, 2021 | Enjoy

Yippee! You are going to travel! 

No matter how many times you have traveled, there is still a bit of chaos on the evening before departure. Because even if you are an experienced traveler, there are still a lot of things to think about before you can travel. Chaos may be a little overdone as a word, but I’m sure we can all agree it can be quite a hassle. But with the right tips you will be just fine! These tips will get you underway to start your trip in the best way possible. Of course traveling remains exciting, you hope everything goes well, even though healthy tension is a part of it.

1. Backup your devices. And fully charge them all.

The evening before departure is the right time to charge all your electronic equipment. A good time to also double check whether you already have a backup of everything.

For example, your camera’s memory card may still contain photos that you have not saved yet. Moreover, it is also smart to see if you have created a back-up file of your phone. Along the way you might notice that you are running out of space on your memory card or device, you can delete photos to create room for new pictures without worrying about the backup, because you made a backup at home.

After charging all your devices, don’t forget to take the right cords with you to be able to recharge them while traveling. It is useful to put your cords in a separate bag, so that you have everything together.And try to think of a world plug in just in case you are traveling overseas. You can also bring a powerbank with you, so you can always charge your device without the need for a socket. Don’t forget to fully charge your powerbank. 

2. Print copies of your tickets

Not every airport accepts digital copies or tickets, that is why it is useful to take all your printed papers with you. Documents such as your plane ticket, accommodation reservation or other reservations or tickets should be considered too.

3. Make copies of your passport.

Be safe and make copies of your passport. Because it is good voor two reasons. 

The first reason is that if you lose your passport, at least you have a copy with you.

The second reason is that some accommodations may require a copy. Because if you don’t have a copy, you have to find a place to make copies to give to your host.

4. Pin important places in google maps

The evening before departure you could take a moment to pin important places in Google Maps. So once you arrive, you can immediately see the distance to your hotel or whatever you may have pinned the night before.

Also useful; you can save maps offline in Google Maps, when you don’t have internet right away or when you don’t receive any signal at arrival. You can also take screenshots of the important places, so you have all the addresses at hand.

5. Share stay information to a good friend

Let someone you have a lot of contact with know where you are staying and which flight you are taking.

Don’t forget to inform them once you have arrived. Give phone numbers from persons you go travelling with. This is important, because suppose something happens, this person knows who to reach.

6. How to pack your clothes?

You should never wait until just before departure to pack your clothes. You really need to do that several days in advance. Then you have time to pack everything you need, and think about it for a while.

Go for multifunctional garments and do not pack too much. No one has ever been happy with lugging heavy bags and suitcases. A tip is to make sets a day. It may take a little more time at home to pack, but once you travel you will experience the convenience of it, and by doing so, you never forget anything.

7. Don’t go to sleep too late.

Whichever way you travel, traveling is exhausting. So you better be rested when you start a journey. Going to the pub late into the night during the night before departure is definitely not a good idea.

Taking a warm bath or reading a book is a more convenient way to spend your night. Because if you are rested, you will also be less irritated by possible delays or other things that can go wrong.

Therefore you should go to bed on time, even if you have a night flight and have to deal with a considerable time difference. That’s when it’s especially important to get a good night sleep at home.

It is also very important to drink enough. If you’re traveling internationally, being in transit for several hours might be exhausting both physically and mentally. Try to use your prep time to be extra hydrated so that your body won’t feel the impact of your travels as much (and to avoid bloating on long flights!).

8. get everything ready you’ll be using the next day.

Get everything ready you’ll be using the next day. You will use the things you use everyday just before departure, So add these items together, so you don’t forget to take anything with you. Things like Clothes, toiletries, electronics, IDs, plane tickets. Put these things on top of your suitcase so that they already have a place in your suitcase.

9. Do a home check.

Check your house, see if the things like electricity that should be off are really off. And the electricity things that should be on are also on.

If you have pets, make sure you have appointments with the caretaker. Also make sure there is enough food for the caretaker to give your pet. Check that everything in your house is closed, such as windows and doors, place the keys, for example, where they belong

10. Bring some snacks to the airplane or airport

Depending on your flight, train or bus ride, there might not be many, or any, food options available. So make sure you have enough food to get to your stay. You are not allowed to bring drinks on the plane, but you can take food with you

11. Check the Corona rules

Check the corona rules. Check which rules apply in the country regarding covid. Corona is a big thing now. Therefore, take a good look at which rules apply, so that you are not faced with surprises. Do not do this a day in advance, but make sure you stay informed.

12. Last check.

You can do this when you are completely wrapped up at the front door, but it is better to do a final check the night before. Check all travel documents again like: When is your flight? Or when does the train leave? Are all dates correct? But more importantly: Do you have your passport, identity card, debit card and/or credit card with you? And do you also have your phone and charger with you? Then you are ready to go!

Now you know how you can go on trip. If you apply all these tips, you can be sure that you can go on a trip with a calmer feeling. Check out our site for the best apartments for your trip. www.enjoyapartments.com