Food and Drinks in Budapest

Let me guide you through Budapest, with inside tips on where to eat the best

Cheers, Svetlana Enjoy Budapest

My Favorite Places

Gerlóczy: Kávéház szobákkal

If you’re a burger lover then Burgerlijk is the place to be for you! You can get a decent burger basically anywhere in Amsterdam but Burgerlijk takes it to a whole another level, their burgers are HUGE.

Ket Szerecsen

Something that you have to eat when you’re in the Netherlands is herring. This is a salty fish and a Dutch specialty. You can also eat it on bread which will make it even more delicious! Vishandel Molenaar at the Albert Cuyp market is one of the best in Amsterdam.

Chess Restaurant

De Drie Graefjes
De Drie Graefjes is THE place to eat red velvet cake and other deliciousness. Once the place was a hidden treasure in the heart of Amsterdam. Nowadays you can no longer ignore it. With two lunch rooms and two American Bakeries it is  impossible to forget De Drie Graefjes in the streets of Amsterdam nowadays. At De Dre Graefjes you can can enjoy a delicious lunch, an extensive High Tea or a home-made American specialty from the Bakery.

Borkonyha Winekitchen

If you want to be a true Amsterdammer then you HAVE to go to FEBO. You can find the FEBO snackbars in whole Amsterdam.  FEBO offers a wide variety of snacks to satisfy your craving, from tasty fries with sauce, to deep-fried cheese, a minced-meat hotdog and the BEST kroket (croquet) you will eat in you’re entire life. Also FEBO is the only place where you can pull you’re food out of a wall.

Dionysos Taverna

the Waterkant 
Just like in Surinam the Waterkant is located in the heart of the city at the water and it is the ultimate place to relax, connect and enjoy. It is a place where people meet, regardless of origin, age, sex or social class. The menu includes not only typical Surinam products such as the traditional Parbo beer and Roti, but also Angus burger and chicken from the spit.

Chef Café

Another typical Dutch thing are Stroopwafels. A stroopwafel is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. You can find these anywhere on the streets of Amsterdam (and Holland itself)

Rákóczi Restaurant

the Sky Lounge
You can’t visit The Netherlands without eating some bitterballen, which are basically mini croquets, so mini deep-fried gravy bites (not bad, right?). Not only does the Sky Lounge have some of the best bitterballen in town, you’can also enjoy the amazing view of the skyline of Amsterdam.

Belvárosi Lugas Vendéglő

At Sumo you can eat the best sushi in town. It is also All you can eat which goes up to 6 rounds! The place itself (at the location on Leidseplein) is an attraction on its own. It is really beautiful with pink blossoms spread all over the room.

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