Food and Drinks in Barcelona

Let me guide you through Barcelona, with inside tips on where to eat the best tapas, a fantastic paella or where to enjoy the most tasteful Gintonic.

Cheers, Julia

My Favorite Places

Ciudad Condal
Great for if you do not have much time to experiment and for first-time Barcelona visitors. Ciudad Condal will not surprise you after 10 times in Barcelona but is a great experience and food is good and not too pricey.

El Nacional
In one word fantastic! El Nacional has several different dinings. You can eat fish, tapas, steak, have breakfast or go for some beers, wines or oysters. The only negative I could think of is that it is a very popular place and no possibilities to reserve, but that is a minor thing if you go with a small group. Waiting at the bar is certainly not boring 🙂

“Housed in Barcelona’s awesome Borne district, La Luna is an elegant and stylish location to begin your night. The interior is high ceilinged and grand and the bar and restaurant are atmospherically lit, the bar boasts sleek metal furnishings, acres of clever, dark timber and also many comfortable leather armchairs in which to lounge with a drink.”.

What can you do with crepe? This place can do a lot with it! Creps al Born is a small bar with a good atmosphere, great music and original crepes and cocktails.


La Vinya del Senyor is a very nice wine bar on a lovely location. It’s the perfect stop for a glass of wine before moving on to dinner.

Cosmo is a lovely place for breakfast our lunch. They have fresh ingredients and they offer vegetarian options (which is a bit rare in Spain due to their great meat eating culture).

The location of Bar Lobo is excellent. It’s very near by Las Rambles. So after shopping you can eat here delicious tapas!

A cool hangout place to spend time with you friends and enjoy the great section of burgers and other delicious food. The vibe is very good! The location of Surf house is excellent, it’s near by the beach!

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