Drinks on Top of The World – 10 Best Rooftop bars in Barcelona

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Drinks on top of the world in one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona city. When in summer weather heats up so it’s hard to stay outside you can enjoy greatest views and cooling weather in the evenings. Barcelona has a lot of beautiful roof terraces yet nobody usually hears about them. Rooftop terraces in Barcelona are installed on the roofs of most city hotels making them exclusive.

Just few years ago most of Hotel rooftop terraces are limited to hotel residents. Nowadays there is a wide selection of rooftop bars in Barcelona even with restaurants and swimming pools they are open to public. Even though situation have been changing some hotels might not allow people in big or loud groups or inappropriately dressed for 4 – 5 star hotel.


Here are our favorites:

• Hotel Barcelo Raval

has a great swimming pool, bar and is one of the most visited rooftop bars in Barcelona. Hotel is in “Raval” district, one of the city’s trendiest areas and an epicenter of art and culture. 360º Terrace, bar/panoramic viewing point on the 11th floor where you can admire the marvelous sunsets from the 4 cardinal points. Bar with panoramic viewing point open from May to October.

10 best rooftop terraces in barcelona 1

“La Isabela” terrace in Hotel 1898

10 best rooftop terraces in barcelona 1

La Isabela Terrace restaurant on “Las Ramblas”, Barcelona. Bar and restaurant offers breathtaking 360º views over the entire city. The perfect spot for eating out, luxury Hotel 1898 presents this hidden rooftop next to “Plaza Catalunya”. Restaurant offers deluxe Tapas and other snacks with fresh Mediterranean ingredients combine with Catalan flavors. The bar has a big selection of wines from hotels cellar, as well as local and international beers. Opens April to October. Snacks until 23:00 and drinks until 01.00.

• Hotel Casa Fuster

10 best rooftop terraces in barcelona

In the third place in our list  is Casa Fuster Hotel. It also offers a large roof terrace with pool and magnificent views across the city of Barcelona. Modernist 5 star hotel is built right in the center so you can enjoy views of the busiest streets that stretch down the “Passeig de Gracia” boulevard. Open until 01:00.





• “Dolce Vita” terrace in Hotel Majestic

10 best rooftop terraces in barcelona 1

Another hotel on “Passeig de Gracia” where enjoy a drink on the “Dolce Vita” in Barcelona with panoramic city views over “Eixample”. Rooftop bars in Barcelona It’s the perfect place to start a night out on the town or enjoy a drink to finish the evening. The Pool Bar and the panoramic rooftop terrace in Barcelona can be reserved for private evening cocktails for up to 70 people. “Dolce Vita” is a youthful option to enjoy a large choice of drinks while listening to a selection of the best music: from jazz to the famous themes that our DJ will prepared for you. In addition, hotel sets screen projections to make you feel as in an urban. Bar and swimming pool service are open June until 15th Nov. daily in the summer from 21:00 to 01:00.

• Hotel Condes has a terrace “Alaire”


This rooftop terrace in Barcelona is also located on the roof of luxury hotel and provides beautiful views to the city. With greatest point for overviewing “La Pedrera” and the “Sagrada Familia”, “ALAIRE” is a must-go meeting place in the city. “Alaire terrace” also is open from midday to late evening providing any type of meetings or parties. Terrace also offers snacks and drinks to enjoy with live music. Hotel organizes events and parties mostly promoted on social media.

 Open from May to October. Open every day, 12:00 midday – 2:00 am.

• “VISIT UP” in Hotel Pullitzer

pulitzer hotel terrace

Cool oasis on top of concrete jungle of large city Barcelona. One of most coziest rooftop bars is built on Hotel Pullitzer roof and is a location for many events organizes by Hotel. Visit this terrace not only for great vies to the city, live music but also for signature drinks prepared by experienced bartenders.

Open between May and October. Sunday to Wednesday from 5 pm to midnight  and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5 pm to 02 am.

• The “TBBar” in Grand Hotel La Florida


The “TBBar” rooftop terrace in Barcelona is located on top of one of luxury hotels in city center. Bar briefs casual and chill atmosphere and is a perfect place to cool down from days heat or dine in a sunset. Enjoy a wide selection of fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, light soups, fresh market fish, seasonal meats and delicious homemade desserts. If you still feel a bit warm this terrace offers you to jump into swimming pool and swim under stars. In addition, from Thursday to Saturday, 8.30 pm to 11 pm, you can listen to live music. Rooftop bars in Barcelona are usualy open from early June until late September. It works every day: Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 01 am.

• “Skybar” in Grand Hotel Central


“Skybar” is considered to be one of the best rooftop terrace in Barcelona! Don’t believe it? Come and see possibly the most spectacular deck in the city center. This rooftop terrace has great infinity pool for hot days and prices that are relatively cheap compared to other rooftop bars in Barcelona. As most of terraces “Skybar” offers not only great cocktails, but also snacks next to them. “Skybar” is open April to November.



If you prefer beautiful sunset by the sea there are great rooftop terraces overviewing seaside.

• Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

“La Terrassa del Duquesa” has a bar and pool on the top floor of this luxury hotel. It opens up views over the “Port Vell harbor” of Barcelona towards “Barceloneta”. “La Terrassa del Duquesa” has become a perfect escape from the hustle of the city at any time of the day for hotel clients and also for the locals. Enjoy drinks and tapas by the pool. Live music on the terrace every Wednesday and Friday from 21:30 to 01:30.

• “Wet Bar” at W Hotel

hotel W

W hotel is one of most popular and known hotels in Barcelona W hotel has not only wonderful views, great club, but also elegant rooftop terrace in Barcelona city with swimming pool and a bar. If the sight of sea is not enough come enjoy it from the highest point on the seaside. The terrace bar is very popular during happy hour on a Friday afternoon. It is one of the rooftop bars in Barcelona where people like to see and be seen. “Wet bar” also serves as a club as hotel organizes “Wet Deck Summer Series” every Sunday where you can enjoy international DJs music.

 Bar is open from April to November 10 am to 02 am.

• “Restaurant 1881” (SAGARDI) at Catalonian history museum

Museu d’Història de Catalunya - Restaurante 1881

Restaurant is the perfect place for people wanting to escape from youthful noise of the city. This elegant restaurant is known for its traditional Mediterranean kitchen. Besides tasty dishes you can enjoy unique views to the city and artistic design of roof terrace itself. Besides restaurant museum has direct access to the rooftop terrace in Barcelona and restaurant which can also be reached from the outside. Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.



• Bunkers del Carmel

 For those who are not fancy dress code lovers or traveling on budget, Barcelona also offers its best views. From rock climbed tops of the hills with 360 degrees to sights from an amusement park “Tibidabo” build right next to Barcelona’s highest point (518 m.) occupied by the chapel built in 1886. “The Bunkers del Carmel” is not one of the luxury bars in Barcelona, but it has the most unique atmosphere.

barcelona bunker

The bunker is more than just a nickname – the place is a remains of an old air raid civil war bunker. It was built in 1937 and has been renovated in the past few years. Renovated in sense that it’s clean and safer than before, the sight still has its own unique vibe. Moreover, there are tons of graffiti improving the ambient atmosphere. Though most of places are already taken by tourists, this area keeps its Catalonian feeling attracting more natives to enjoy beautiful sights than tourists. Yet the situation is slowly change since this place getting more and more publicity due to beautiful city landscape pictures.


Rooftop bars in Barcelona are the most unique way to experience sunset in the city. Enjoy wonderful views, chill drink, live music and most beloved company of your friends or family. You can also visit terraces at day time to swim in swimming pools or have a snack in the sun.

Would like to visit these terraces hidden from public eye? Visit Barcelona, book an apartment now for  best deals and unique  experiences!