Bilbao Berria

The restaurant Bilbao Berria is very recommendable to visit during your stay in Barcelona

Are you looking for a restaurant in Barcelona that serves the best tapas, has a nice atmosphere and is not too expensive? The Bilbao Berria restaurant is a great option. The restaurant has two area´s: on the ground floor, you can have tapas and drinks at the bar and several tables. On the lower floor you will find a restaurant where you can have tapas but you can also choose from a varied menu. The restaurant do has limited opening hours: In the afternoon and evening. The ground floor is always open.

All day long, during coffee, lunch and dinner you can choose from all kinds of tapas, and the assortment is adjusted to the time of the day. The tapas are very different and every single piece is delicious! Bilbao Berria has a big selection of tapas: cold and hot, sweet, salt, sour, anything you can imagine. For everyone there is something to like. The concept is smart and simple: you get a tooth stick with every tapas you eat, and you´re given a cup where you can leave the sticks to be counted and paid afterwards. All tapas are priced the same: € 1,65 for every stick. Also the drinks are very reasonable priced and they are serving the best sangria.

The restaurant is located on Plaza Nova, this is a square in front of the cathedral. Close to el Born and Plaza Catalunya. The atmosphere in this restaurant in Barcelona is modern and still cozy. The staff is friendly and service-oriented. There is nice music and the restaurant is suitable for all ages. The restaurant is always well attended, so it is recommendable to visit the restaurant on time (in the afternoon and evening) to pursue a table.

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