Nowadays healthy food is really a trend. Vegetarian, organic and  fruity juices and vegetables are very important to eat and drink to remain your healthy lifestyle. Do you have a citytrip to Barcelona on the planning and you want to keep eating healthy? Even on vacation you can eat healthy, and in Barcelona you have a lot of restaurants that serve healthy food. Find out the top 10 healthy spots in Barcelona.


1. Juicy Jones

This colorful restaurant is loved by hippies and the atmosphere is like a rasta bar. But besides the great atmosphere, the meals are delicious and of course important there healthy. They serve meals like veggie burgers, hummus with carrots, fresh salads, sandwiches and delicious tea that is very good for your digestion. A thing that makes this restaurant special, is that you can order your own composite juice and the menu is 100% vegan. This healthy spot is perfect for lunch, dinner or just for a juice.

Inside shot of Juicy Jones

Inside shot of Juicy Jones

Address: * Carrer de l’Hospital 74 / Carrer del Cardenal Casañas 7 *


2. Biocenter

Biocenter is the place to be for health freaks. Every product they use is natural, organic and healthy. Even their tapas is healthy. Healthy food is very often really expensive. At biocenter you can eat healthy and the price is also good. You can make your own salad for lunch and you have plenty of choice to make your favourite salad. For dinner you can choose one of the daily specials. After your dinner you can enjoy some good music at a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Address: * Pintor Fortuny 25, El Raval *


3. Woki Organic Market

The restaurants and shops of Woki Organic Market are back to basic, but in a modern context. You will find ecological, locally produced and high quality products. It is also possible to take-away. At Plaça de Catalunya (Ronda de la Universitat) you can find the restaurant and supermarket. At the other locations at Carrer Asturies and Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta there is no restaurant, only a supermarket and food take away.

Address: * Ronda de la Universitat 20 / Carrer Astúries 22 / Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta 1 *


4. La Boqueria Market

This indoor food market is one of the best and biggest food markets in Europe. If you enter the market you are welcomed with beautiful colors and aromas. It is not just a market, you can also join the Boqueria Food School, where you learn about food and cooking of fresh produce. Don’t leave the market without making a visit to stand Organic Barcelona, they sell delicious dishes to go. Yummy!

Address: * La Rambla 9 *


 5. Teresa Carles

This restaurant characterize itself by serving half-traditional Catalan cuisine, half-haute cuisine and vegetarian meals. I recommended to try the Faves a la Catalana and the Timbal d’Escalivada. For wine lovers, you really have to go to Teresa Carles. You will be very pleased when you see the wine cellar.

Address: * Jovellanos 2 *


6. Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden is a bit the same as Juicy Jones, also very colorful and they sell delicious juices and smoothies. The ingredients are organic and come from Nepal and India. The specialty of this restaurant are the veggie burgers and you can order them for a student price. Most of the time it is very busy at the Veggie Garden, so if you want to have a place on the terrace please come a bit earlier than the average dinner time in Spain.

Veggie Burger at Veggie Garden

Veggie Burger at Veggie Garden

Address: * Carrer dels Angels 3 *


7. La Hamaca

You need to know  at least a little bit of Spanish if you want to understand what is being sold in this store. At each product they sell you can see which Spanish farm it comes from, so all the products are local products. There is no seating area, but the neighborhood offers a lot of benches where you can sit in the sun with your healthy food  like fresh smoothies and sandwiches, while looking at what’s happening on the streets of Barcelona.

Address: * Plaça de Sant Agusti Vell 15 *


8. La Mar Salada

This is not at all a healthy spot, but unintentional some food they serve especially their fish is really healthy. The sustainable fish comes directly from the market of Barceloneta. Besides the good fish they also have a terrace with a view over the harbor. The restaurant is located in Port Vell, this is the seaside part of Barceloneta. Enjoy the healthy Catalan dishes at La Mar Salada during lunch or dinner.

Address: * Paseo Juan de Borbon 58-59 *


9. Sol i Lluna

Meatballs made from lentils, quinoa, soups and ratatouille lasagna with melted goat cheese. This is one of the most popular and healthy dishes of Sol i Lluna. In addition to the popular dishes the chef cooks a lot of wok with legumes and mixed vegetables. This place is located in the cozy district Gracia. Just as cozy as the restaurant.

Address: * Carrer de Verdi 50 *


10. Amaltea

This vegan restaurant is perfect for everyone. Even if you really like meat, you would love the meals they have at Amaltea. For people who like to have a alcoholic drink, but don’t like to drink too much alcohol. They can order low-alcohol drinks. Do you want to relax after a long day of  walking? You can even take  yoga classes in a room that is designed for yoga at the back of the restaurant.

Address: * Diputació 164 *

Enjoy your healthy stay in Barcelona! Have you ever been in here and your favorite one is not listed in our healthy spots in Barcelona? Please tell us about it in a comment.

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