Nightlife in Rome

Let me guide you through Rome, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

Cheers! – Rosa Enjoy Apartments Rome

My Favorite Places

Akab is since 1992 the place to start your weekend. The club has the underground atmosphere of Berlin and London, with concrete walls and a sleek bar. The Djs at Akab play the best music, there are also regular live concerts. Just make sure you stand in line before 11 pm, because otherwise you will still stand there in the morning. Imagine yourself between the hipsters of Rome and go loose on the dance floor!

Cocktailtime? Go to Fluid in Rome. If you come here, you will have no idea where to look: to the floor with the moving bubbles in it,the cave-like ceiling or to the ice cubes that serve as chairs. And then there are the cocktails: try the mojito with pear and cinnamon or go for the large frozen banana daiquiri, where the delicious ice cream lays on top of the cocktail like if it’s on top of a mountain. If you’re here at night, you can get free food by ordering a cocktail. Scoop your plate full with delights as risotto balls, potato croquettes, couscous and pasta arrabiata sauce.

For an intimate and pleasant evening you can go to the cosy wine bar Doppiozeroo. You can eat very good food, but the real attractions are the aperitif and the time after dinner. Enjoy the entire evening with a good glass of wine, a dessert or cheese and relaxing background music. The bar is open until late at night.

Bookbar Salotto42 is a ‘ lounge ‘ and the Interior is in one word fantastic! With a mix of styles, a nineteenth century character and cosy atmosphere is this club very appreciated. While you will be provided with a drink, you can hear echoes of the jazz music in the attractively illuminated ‘ living room ‘. Salotto has a delicious, mainly Swedish, kitchen and we suggest you to order a cocktail! In the summer months you can go on the cosy, small terrace at the front sit under the Purple Ivy. But be early, it is often really busy!

Piper club
Dancing in a club while there are dozens, no, hundreds of locals and tourists doing just the same as you? That is possible in the Piper Club in Rome! This club is one of the top clubs in Rome since the 60 ‘s  thanks to the ever-innovative agenda and renovations. From 70’s and rock to disco, salsa, house and underground: the music offer is so varied that there is something for everyone. Every Thursday night there is live music, on Friday and Saturday there are different kind of parties every week.

This club in Rome brings you to South America, with Latin American music that pops out of the speakers every night. Salsa, reggaeton, Dancehall, but also hip hop, rap and R&B are the music styles that are played here a lot. There are five rooms at Caruso with each another, tropical decor. You should go on a Saturday night, when the club is packed with fans of this music styles. But on Friday it is also very nice, because then there is live music. That will be dancing until the sun comes up!

Casa del Jazz
Casa del Jazz is the swinging jazz club of Rome! If you have a car, don’t mind the taxi or a bus ride, then this is the perfect night out for you. If you rather stay in the Centre, then we recommend you to go to a different place. Still, Casa del Jazz is definitely worth a visit, because this jazz club is located in a beautiful old villa from the 1930s that once belonged to the mafia. In the summer, all the concerts are held outside in the garden!

Caffè della Pace
Caffè della Pace is one of the best cafes of Rome! Perhaps also because it is located in one of the most atmospheric areas of the Italian capital, Trastevere. This café is known as the hangout for arty and show business celebrities. Painters, writers, musicians, politicians and Italian fashion designers like to come here for a drink and a fascinating conversation. Be careful, because on a sweltering summer day the outside terrace is full very soon. Female guests do not wear a nice dress to stand out for nothing, it is a smart tactic to get a table on the terrace!

Big Bang
You will discover the real underground life of Rome at Big Bang! This club is located in a renovated house in a street buried under the most fun bars and clubs of the city. You won’t feel like a typical tourist when you are here among the locals. On Friday nights the club is transformed into Big Bang Reggae Yard: one of the best reggae events in Italy. The club has a large hall to dance and several lounge areas where you can relax with a drink in your hand.

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