4 less-known hotspots of Rome

Feb 1, 2016 | Enjoy, Rome

Rome is known for the good culinary life and impressive sights. The Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps are the mean stream destinations where you will find many tourists. Would you like to avoid the tourists? Go to the beautiful locations below.


The Trastevere district is the place where many students live. It is a quiet area where the real Roman life. You can go in the small streets, restaurants, bars and galleries, and the Colosseum is on walking distance. A place where you definitely need to eat if you’re in Trastevere is restaurant La Carbonara. The food is very good, and it’s not expensive. The best thing about this restaurant is the establishment. The restaurant is cozy and nicely decorated. You may write a message on the wall! The result? Names and messages from people all over the world on the wall. How cool?

2. The Church of Cappuccini,

is one of the most unpleasant places of Rome. Whether you want to visit? That’s up to you! Cripta Cappuccini consists of several burial chambers under the Basilica. The tombs are decorated with human bones. The thinking behind this ‘ work of art ‘ is to honor the death. It is  very impressive!

3. Roseto Comunale

Would you like to slip away from the busy city? Or are you a true garden lover? Be sure you go to Roseto Comunale. It is a rose garden in the city. You will find here from april until about half way June many different types of roses. Access to the park is free!

4. Restaurant La Scopettaro

Waiters how can’t speak English? that means you’re in a place where many local people are going for a diner. Conclusion: the food must be good! One of that good places is restaurant La Scopettaro. It is located near the Circus Maximus. Are you in the neighborhood and can you use some energy? Go to La Scopettaro!

Travel tip: would you like to visit Rome? Avoid the summer period because the temperatures can be very high. The best time to travel to Rome is during the spring or autumn.


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