Nightlife in Malaga

Let me guide you through Malaga, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

Have fun – Melanie Enjoy Apartments Malaga

My Favorite Places

El Anden 
The most famous nightclub in central Málaga, always prepare for a queue when you come because it’s very busy. But if you go before 2:45 am it is very possible that you can get in for free, unless a special event is held. This club will find it in the center of the Plaza Uncibay and in addition to your front door, it has a VIP entrance in one of its sides.

El Liceo
The Lyceum is one of the most famous clubs in the center. It will surprise you with its outward appearance, but is not surprising since it is a stately old building with two floors, conditioning and converted into a nightclub.

Sala Gold
It is increasingly common for ballrooms out in Malaga, type clubs, the Gold Room is one of the most famous in the center, although its entry goalkeepers are not so good reputation.

You know that the price of drinks in nightclubs Malaga comes to a minimum of between 5 and 7 euros. The beers or shots are the cheapest option if you want to drink alcohol.

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