Food and Drinks in Marbella

Let me guide you through Marbella, with inside tips on where to eat the best food of Marbella!

Cheers! – Javier Enjoy Apartments Marbella

My Favorite Places

For those of you who love dining on the beach, this Belgian restaurant/beach club in San Pedro has great food in a lovely setting. Come here in the summer and treat yourself to real Belgian mussels. It is the perfect summer dining experience.

This beautifully situated restaurant has an extensive menu and combines the best of Mediterranean cuisine with Oriental touches.

According to many you will find the best sushi of Marbella here. This restaurant is located on the famous ‘ Golden Mile ‘ and offers Japanese culinary delights in a stylish setting. Sushi lovers will find here both beloved traditional dishes like more modern interpretations.

Plaza village is a small square in the famous hotel Puente Romano and is surrounded by five excellent restaurants. Japanese, Arabic and Italian cuisine, as well as two extraordinary Michelin restaurants from celebrity chef Dani García await you with an overwhelming choice of good food. In the summer there is live music on the square, which adds an pleasant atmosphere to the whole setting.

This cozy restaurant specializes in Mediterranean and international cuisine, with a special focus on healthy eating. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a venue for a large family dinner, this restaurant is perfect.

Momo’s motto is “indulge your senses”, and that is exactly what you will do when you visit this restaurant. The menu is filled with international cuisine, giving you the best taste of traditional dishes from around the world including Italian, Japanese and French. The food is perfectly prepared and the service is amazing.

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