Top 10 Best Cities And Spots To Say Happy New Year!

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No idea where to celebrate New Year’s with 2020 around the corner? Keep on reading! In this post, a top 10 is listed about the best spots to say Happy New Year! Is it going to be London, Amsterdam or any of the other cities mentioned in this blog?


Get your friends and family together and watch London light up for 2020. There are so many options when it comes to celebrating this wonderful event in London, that it is almost impossible to choose. One thing that you can definitely not miss is watching the fireworks light up central London with a dazzling spectacle. Either a ticket can be bought to attend this fireworks display including nice drinks and some music. Or you can watch the fireworks from the river cruise on the Thames with live entertainment with views over the Coca-Cola London Eye.

There are also other ways to welcome 2020. Restaurants, bars, and clubs put on New Year’s Eve celebrations, which are most of the time ticketed or booked. You could choose to hit five NYE parties in one night with Zoo Bar’s New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl including a glass of champagne when the clock hits midnight. Or you could watch top comedians at the New Year’s Eve Comedy Carnival and start 2020 with a huge smile on your face. New Year’s Eve travel on the Transport for London network is usually free between 11.45pm and 4.30am. On the first day of 2020, make sure to watch the New Year’s Day parade 2020, with great live performances through entire central London. Also, marvel at the Christmas lights which can still be visited across the city.


Going to Lisbon for New Year’s Eve is one of the greatest choices you can make! We ensure you that you’ll love it! Portuguese people are incredibly friendly and much fun to be surrounded with. Lisbon is filled with people who want to dance into 2020. Here are some of the options to enjoy the lively city of Lisbon in the best possible way. Lisbon has wonderful firework shows displayed in different areas. Go to Parque das Nações, which is a great modern area that hosts the fireworks at 12. One of the best things to do in Lisbon for New Year’s Eve is to go to Praça do Comércio. The atmosphere is incredibly unique with plenty of locals and performers.

If you feel like spending a different kind of night, we recommend you to go to the Convento de Beato. You get to celebrate in a five-century-old building and dance to the greatest hits all night! Another way to spend New Year’s is to visit Belém and watch the amazing fireworks while walking along the river to reach the Belém Tower. Also, plenty of NYE parties are organised by clubs, where everyone dances all night to celebrate the first day of the new year! Be part of a great tradition on New Year’s Day, by jumping into a freezing ocean in Carcavelos.


Visiting Barcelona on this special night is a perfect decision! To start off, there are some local traditions around Nochevieja (New Year). On New Year’s Eve locals usually spent feasting with family by eating ”escudella amb carn d’olla”. This is a clear broth made with a whole array of meat cuts and huge pasta shells. The best place you can go to is Montjuic as it hosts Barcelona’s official New Year’s Eve celebration. It is a FREE event with music, fireworks, and a wonderful display around the Magic Fountain. Also, a great place to go to is Plaça Catalunya to enjoy the great atmosphere and music. Most clubs organise THE party of the year for New Year’s Eve, however tickets have to be bought in advance. For years, Poble Espanyol claim to host the biggest party in Barcelona with a great ambiance.

Next to this, celebrating this day at a restaurant is also very popular. Especially rooftop terraces are a great spot to welcome the New Year where you fancy seeing the fireworks from above. When the New Year arrives, the tradition is to eat 12 grapes synchronised exactly with the 12 dongs. If you manage to make it happen, you will be blessed with good luck the following year! Also, toasting the New Year with a gold ring in your glass of cava will bring wealth and prosperity. Last but not least, wearing red underwear is also considered as a good thing, linked to love.


This is one of the most popular cities in Europe in which to start the New Year. It has a ton of options for everyone. The best way to end your year with a bang in Amsterdam is to go to the annual Awakenings bash at Gashouder. Also, many events are organised in the city center such as Vunzige Deuntjes or Paradiso. Do not wait too long as it is hard to get your hands on some tickets. In the Netherlands, fireworks are on sale a couple of days before the actual celebration and they will light them off on New Year’s Eve at 12 exactly. The best way to watch it is from a great roof-terrace party such as at Mr. Porter or Madam. Another great option is to walk along the canals to watch the Amsterdam Light Festival and watch the fireworks being let off by locals.

One of the greatest Dutch traditions during New Year’s Eve is eating oliebollen at midnight. It has its roots in an ancient Germanic myth in which oliebollen are consumed to ward off evil sprits. Or is this an excuse for the Dutch to eat them… On New Year’s Day, the New Year Swim takes place at Zandvoort aan Zee, which is around a 30 min drive from Amsterdam. Brave swimmers from all around the Netherlands come together to start the year with an icy dip in the North Sea and have a hot mug of pea soup afterwards.


If you have the option to spend your New Year’s Eve in Paris, definitely do so! Paris has a number of ways to celebrate this special day. There is no better way to start the New Year than on the city’s most famous street Champs-Élysées. This is the official Parisian New Year’s Eve street party which has taken place since forever and cannot be missed. Watch the incredible midnight light show and shout ”bonne année” to the world! Another way to spend your New Year’s Eve is to go towards the Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre and watch all the fireworks in the capital. Also, go close to Eiffel Tower and watch the breathtaking firework show light up the city of love and lights.

In the mood to visit one of Paris’s trendy nightclubs where you can spent the final moments of the year? Try out the famous club called: Wanderlust. It attracts a lot of locals and DJs to its open-air decks that overlooks the River Seine. Not in the mood for clubbing during New Year’s Eve? Then the LIDO cabaret and burlesque show is worth attending. It has a great New Year’s Eve package but there is also the option to just enjoy the show. Interested in a festive dining experience? Make sure to get your ticket for the dinner cruise on a Bateaux Parisiens while being on the River Seine.


If you’re planning on going to Milan to celebrate New Year’s Eve, we will ensure you that it will be memorable. Whether you aim to spend it by having diner or to go to one of the best parties in town, this city in Italy has plenty to offer. The famous San Silvestro dinner (cenone di San Silvestro) is a must for everyone visiting the city. One of the famous dishes on New Year’s Eve is lentils. It is a typical cold cut with a buttery texture which is said to bring wealth for future. Be aware that diners like this last for many hours. Generally until midnight to make a good luck toast with a glass of Spumante wine.

Next to this, you can also decide to go to one of Milan’s historic squares to watch the firework spectacle, among which Piazza Duomo or Piazza Castello could be one of the best choices. The fireworks will light up the entire city while live concerts are held. If you are a music addict, you might like to go to the clubs in Milan. The city is known as the nightlife capital, which is why you can find clubs from A to Z and dance until the sun starts to rise again. However, make sure to get your tickets on time, places are limited! If you prefer to relax during New Year’s Eve, why not going to one of Milan’s theatres and auditoriums to watch ballet, a musical, or another concert of your choice.


With firework displays and festive markets, Prague makes it a great place to make unforgettable memories. The Czech culture and the charm of the locals will give you a very welcoming feeling. Also, around New Year’s there is even a good chance of snow. That also means that it is going to pretty cold around this period of time. So, winter shoes and a big cosy jacket is a must. But that is definitely worth it when you look at the Prague Castle and the fireworks lightning up the city in the snow. Many locals and visitors gather along the banks of the Vltava, on the bridges and main squares such as Wenceslas square to watch the fireworks and enjoy traditional Czech music. Also, a boat trip can be taken where you will be sailing along the river with good food and music while enjoying the views of the city.

Prefer to stay on dry land? Go to the 14 bridges of Prague, especially Charles Bridge, and it will offer great views as well. Can you keep a little secret? The best way to watch the view is to take a little hike and climb the Letná Hill, it is breathtaking and totally worth it! Bring your own bottle of wine and start reminiscing and making plans for the coming year.

As any other city, Prague also has some parties to go to during New Years. Join a ”party” boat with great diners and DJs is one of the best things to do during this evening. Go up onto the upper deck and enjoy the views of the city’s firework. However, clubs such as the SASAZU club is something you actually do not want to miss. Guests are wearing mysterious masks and dancers are performing everywhere while top DJs heat up the dance floor. On the 1st of January, there is this large family-friendly firework display that takes place at 6pm in the city center.


Visiting Dubrovnik and celebrating New Year’s Eve is the perfect combination. It will give you a special experience with a warm and loving atmosphere. The entire city is decorated with thousands of lights while the central street of Dubrovnik, Stradun, turns into an open stage where people dance, sing and enjoy traditional Dubrovnik delicacies. The New Year’s Eve party already starts at 10.30am as it is the start for the children and will feature great Croatian artists. Also, performances will be held in front of the Church of St. Blaise. Later on New Year’s Eve, the performances will occur to a spectacular show of fireworks which will begin at midnight. This New Year Eve celebration on Stradun is a unique experience that one should not miss. Sing, dance and enjoy the music and the company of others while watching the fireworks above the Old City’s walls.

Also, a lot of clubs are open to kick off the New Year by having great DJs and dancers. The best parties can be found at the hotels of Dubrovnik that could include dinner. On New Year’s Day itself, oysters and sparkling wine will be served in the streets as this is part of the Croatian tradition and celebration. Also, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will entertain people at all ages by holding performances starting from midday.


On New Year’s Eve in Istanbul there are plenty of things to do. One of the things you definitely cannot miss is watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks that will light up along the beautiful Bosphorus. Enjoy this amazing spectacle along the many places situated by the Bosphorus shores such as Galata, Karakoy and Taksim. Do you want a bit more luxury, try to take a boat cruise on the Bosphorus to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the diner and live entertainment while enjoying the stunning views of Istanbul.

Celebrating this special day can also be done by going to the popular restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. Especially the ones situated close to the Bosphorus shores are incredibly wonderful as you can enjoy the views from the outdoor spaces. There’s nothing better than to enjoy Istanbul’s New Year’s Eve in one of the best rooftop restaurants to watch the incredible views of the city. For the ones who want to dance the night away in Istanbul, we can tell you that the majority of the clubs organise huge parties. We highly recommend you to buy tickets in advance. On New Year’s Day, stroll around the city looking at the lights that can still be spotted, mostly at the famous streets and squares like Istiklal street and Ortakoy square.

Buenos Aires

If you want to go outside Europe, Argentina is a great idea to celebrate this special event. The best thing to do is to find a rooftop, the higher the better, and watch the fireworks lighting up the wonderful city. On New Year’s Eve, Puerto Madero will have several organised firework displays. A lot of families and groups of friends will gather and pop some champagne and booze. San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego will be a younger, more bohemian crowd on this evening with some bars being open in the neighbourhood. Restaurants are open for great dinners and most of the time have a special menu to offer. However, this occasion is very family oriented which is why the party only starts late in the evening. That is why a great idea on how to spend your New Year’s Eve is to plan a full on dinner, show and celebration.

Many of Buenos Aires’ Tango shows remain open during this special night and offer special packages. After the clock hits twelve, guests are invited to join in a champagne reception and party favours, including transportation. If you are interested in going all out, check out the famous Faena hotel. You will be treated to a truly luxurious Argentine experience, with the finest wines followed by a sexy tango show and drinking signature cocktails until the sun comes up. If you are looking for a club where you feel like dancing all night long until the sun comes up, then you are in real luck. Buenos Aires has some great legendary clubs, especially the Niceto Club located in Palermo Hollywood as it always has fun surprises in store. Club Kika in Palermo Soho will be holding their annual New Year’s Eve party with some great performers and DJs.

So, in which city are you going to kiss 2019 goodbye and hug 2020 real tight?

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