10 amazing things to do when bored in London!

Nov 14, 2019 | Enjoy

Bored, in London? That cannot be possible! That is why we created a top 10 best things to do list when you feel like being bored. This will make you discover the city in a way that you have not experienced before! Let’s get into it!

1. Brick Lane – Shoreditch

Brick lane is incredibly known for its street art and no day is the same. This is because art is constantly changing and new work gets created by various artists from all over the world. It features artists like Banksy and Ben Eine.

Also, Brick lane is often referred to as a bustling artistic hub where second-hand furniture, clothing and artistic pieces can be found. Maybe you will find a great bargain! Furthermore, it is great to walk around and bring a visit to the many unique shops and restaurants. During the days, the streets are filled with street performers to create a lively atmosphere. The best day to visit is on Sundays as the streets are filled with different food, clothing and artistic stands. The joy of this market is that you never know what one is able to find, is it going to be cheap leather clothes or a record from the 80s?

Brick Lane

2. Wander along the South Bank – South Bank

Get down to London’s South bank and enjoy the great outdoors!It runs along the South Bank of the River Thames, and along the stretch of the river there is a wide pedestrianised walkway that allows you to stroll right beside the river. Whether you walk down the river during summer while enjoying street performers or during the winter times where you will find Christmas markets lining the walk and serving hot drinks. Walking down the river is never boring as you can enjoy all the major sights, restaurants and sounds of London. Try to walk your way towards the Big Ben, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square afterwards, which only takes 10-minutes!

3. Portobello Road – Notting Hill

When you are bored in London, make sure to make a visit to Portobello road. Grab something on the go from one of the little coffee spots and walk through one of the most affluent and fashionable roads of the city. In the meantime, make sure to walk pass those wonderful coloured houses that you can find on the main road and side streets. Also, one will spot talented street performers as well as many stalls with different type of foods or clothing. Especially on Saturday there is a great atmosphere as hundreds of antique stalls are selling products. Making a visit to this street, will definitely leave you with an energetic feeling!

Portobello road

4. Emirates Air Line Cable Car – Greenwich Peninsula

Get a different experience of transportation by gliding above the London Thames in the Emirates Air Line cable car. Move yourself from Royal Docks to Greenwich peninsula while enjoying an incredible view. This cable car trip takes around 10 minutes and can be used with your oyster card or contactless payment card to pay for the trip. When entering in Greenwich, there are so many things to see and explore. Walk around in the amazing parks or go into the city center of Greenwich and explore the incredible old looks. On your way back you can take the Emirates Air Line Cable to the Royal Docks.

TIP: take the Emirates Air Line during the evening as you will get a complete different experience. Also, the duration of the flight is a bit longer and music is played in order to enhance your in-flight experience as you watch the city come alive after dark.

5. Box park – Shoreditch

Proudly located in the heart of London’s Shoreditch is Box park. It is the world’s first street food market and pop-up retail mall that offers a great community of brands specialising in fashion, arts, food and drinks. Go inside and enjoy the energetic and comfortable atmosphere while getting something to eat or trying on some clothes. Every room or shop will give you a different experience as they are all furnished differently and have a different purpose. The best thing is, all can be found in this one place, Box park!

Do you not feel like shopping or getting some food? Visit one of the 4 bars with in- and outside terraces! If there is an important event, they will live-stream the event on big screens. So, walk around, get something to drink and enjoy the music or event in one of the common rooms.

Box park

6. Kensington Palace Pavilion and Tea Room

Get yourself a classic English traditional afternoon tea in the grounds of the royal palace. Open for breakfast and lunch, the Kensington Palace Pavilion and Tea Room is situated opposite the Sunken Garden where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their engagement.

Treat yourself in a light airy building in the park while being surrounded by over 300 years of royal history. Preferably with a glass of Champagne to go with your sandwiches, cakes and pastries, all served on an elegant cake stand with a pot of tea.

7. Old Spitalfields Market – Spitalfields

One of our personal favourites is the Old Spitalfields Market located in the East of London. Under one market roof, you can find 44 retailers and restaurants, 88 market stalls, and 25 street food traders. This area is popular for interesting and creative people, which is reflected in the brands and restaurants you will find there. Furthermore, the amazing thing about Old Spitalfields Market is that you can walk around for hours and still find different spots. You do not have to worry if it will be open as it can be visited every single day of the week. Have you seen enough? Go outside the market and walk into the bustling area Shoreditch, where you can find many amazing street art and second-hand furniture.

Old Spitalfields Market

8. Primrose hill

Why being bored back home when you can also go outside and enjoy the spectacular views across London at the summit of the grassy hill. It is one of the six protected viewpoints in London and is almost 63 metres above sea level. This location is easy to find as it is separated from Regent’s Park by Prince Albert Road and the London Zoo. Also, do not forget to bring something to drink and eat while laying down on the top of the Hill watching the view.

TIP: go during sunset hours and watch the city transform into a city of lights.

9. Museum – South Kensington

The South Kensington area is home to a great number of free museums, which makes it a great place to go away a whole day. Museums that are definitely worth the visit are the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum. Enjoy their best permanent collections and great art galleries completely free! As it is one of the world’s capitals of culture it is a great thing to do on a day of being bored in London.

Done visiting the museums? Make a walk through the park of Kensington Gardens towards Hyde Park or wander around in High Street Kensington as it is home to a great number of shops and restaurants. This will for sure entertain you!

TIP: during winter times, the Natural History Museum also hosts an ice-rink! This can also be something great to do when being bored.

Victoria and Albert Museum

10. Oxford

Last but not least, making a day trip to Oxford is an ideal way to get out of the city and to enjoy the stunning architecture, history and culture. From London, it is very convenient to take the one hour train to Oxford. Oxford is very well known as the home of UK’s oldest university ”The University of Oxford”. However, Oxford has much more to offer, as you will find ancient and modern colleges, fascinating museums and galleries, wonderful parks and gardens to relax. It is definitely possible to explore the entire city in one day as the city centre is small enough and can be covered on foot.

So, no time to be bored anymore as there are many things to explore and do in in London! If you still need many more tips, make sure to check our London City Guide.

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