Shopping in Istanbul

Let me guide you through Istanbul, with inside tips on where to shop till you drop! From high-end fashion till the normal ”commercial” shops, i will tell it all!

Have fun! – Feyza Enjoy Apartments Istanbul 

My Favorite Places

This shopping centre, built in 1992, is the largest and most modern indoor shopping centre in Europe. Akmerkez Mall has 246 stores on 4 floors. On the basis of the innovative design and the professional management is the Mall named Europe’s and the world’s best shopping centre. Here is everything sold: clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, books, electronics and furniture. There is also a fast food restaurant, the elegant Italian restaurant ‘ Paper Moon ‘ and a movie theater.

Arasta Bazaar
In Istanbul there are many markets and bazaars. If the Grand Bazaar is too overwhelming for you, then you can also visit the Arasta Bazaar. This bazaar is much smaller and clearer and therefore easy to visit when you have children. The bazaar is located behind the small Blue Mosque. On the market are various shops with various colorful types. You can find the most beautiful jewellery, garments and much more! Buy a nice handmade hat of felt for the children or look together how a piece of cloth is woven.

Those who are looking for more luxury shops can perfectly go to shopping complex Astoria. The Centre has five floors from no less than 110 shops, cafés and restaurants. In addition, the Mall has one of the well known spas from the far East, Anantara Spa. There is also a fitness center, a movie theater and even a swimming pool! You can easily spend a few days. In the Department store are also various activities; from fashion shows to cooking workshops and various attractions for children, such as The Play Barn and the Astoria Game Center!

Cevahir Mall
The ultimate shopping experience is to experience in the massive Istanbul Cevahir shopping complex. This large mall is one of the largest shopping centres of Europe and is in the top-10 in the world! You can find more than 300 different shops during the day. In addition, the existing six-story complex has no less than twelve cinemas! The mall even has a small roller coaster, a bowling alley and entertainment center Atlantis Entertainment Center. Young and old are here more than a day sweet. In the evening you can eat at one of the 42 restaurants.


Grand Bazaar
The maze of shops in the Grand Bazaar are many times beset by fire and earthquakes. But everytime it happened, the market got rebuild, making it still attractive for many tourists who love the atmosphere of  the Turkish market. The bazaar has paths of some 16 kilometres long, contains 18 inputs, 5 6 mosques, fountains and about 4,400 shops. Getting lost is inevitable, but best enjoyable, because you will discover more and more. Inside, you will find many jewelry, expensive souvenirs and luxury goods. Outside are countless stalls with fake clothes, bags and watches. Remember: not bargaining is almost an insult!

Nişantaşı is one of the more luxurious quarters of Istanbul, filled with boutiques, designer shops and art galleries. Chic Turkish ladies in designer outfits looking for the most exclusive clothing pieces fill the streets here. Both international brands like Chanel and Prada, as the well-known Turkish designers have a coveted spot in this neighborhood. Although it is nice to be able to view these stores, the more affordable options such as Topshop and Zara also located on the premises. Furthermore, the area with its modern apartments a popular place to live. The richer and famous Turks are represented. For an exuberant night out are also multiple luxury bars and cafés.


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