5 Things that you shouldn’t miss if you’re going to Istanbul

Mar 14, 2016 | About us, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Istanbul

Istanbul is a great place to enjoy a couple of days. When you are enjoying the beautiful city, you can’t miss the 5 things below. And yes: this list might be a bit cheesy. But believe me: these are must visits.


Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque (or Sultan Ahmet Mosque) is a splendid appearance in Istanbul. A real tourist attraction… But it’s worth to visit it when you’re in Istanbul! The mosque is located in the district Sirkenci where you can get a delicious coffee at Coffeetopia. Visit the mosque during the summer evenings once; then you can see a great light show where the mosque changed color.


Turkish Delicatessen

When you are visiting Istanbul you should definitely have tried the classics in the field of delicacies. Güllüoğlu for the best baklava in Istanbul. Are you a sweet tooth.. Than you really need to try it, you will love it. For delicious Mediterranean snacks you have to go to Namli Gurme. The fun thing is this shop is located next to the water, so buy some goodies and eat it in the sun overlooking the Bosphorus



After a few days walking through the city you deserve some relaxation, don’t you think so? In Istanbul you can relax at one of the many hammams of the city. Book a massage and enjoy a day relaxing here! TIP: is it sunny Istanbul? Go on the beginning of you holiday to the hammam for a scrub treatment, So you will be v Then at the start of your holiday a scrub treatment. so you know that you’re coming back with a tan from your holiday.


Grand Bazaar

A visit to the Bazar can’t be missed on your to do list when you are in Istanbul. The best and even biggest bazaar is the Grand Bazaar. But also the smaller Egyptian bazaar is fun to go to. All those spices, teas, sweets, Turkish lamps, jewelry. You look out your eyes. Try to go early in the morning, when it’s still quiet. And… take an extra suitcase on a journey for all the stuff you’re going to buy here!


Sailing on the Bosphorus

Find a sunny day and a go for a few hours sailing on the Bosphorus! You’re not only can tan on the deck, also you can see from here how big Istanbul is. First you sail along the European coast and you’ll pass Galatasaray island, everything what you will see is all luxury. You wil sailing back through the coast of Asia. Again you will see here huge houses. It’s really nice to see Istanbul from the water instead of from land!


Do you know more things to do in Istanbul? Let us know by a comment below or social media!