Nightlife in Istanbul

Let me guide you through Istanbul, with inside tips on where to go out till the sun comes up!

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My Favorite Places

Istanbul’s most famous restaurant and nightclub is Anjelique. Angelique is also one of the best location wise. Angelique is a three-storey mansion, each floor playing different styles of music and every week a different kind of party.

Zelda Zonk Karaköy
Zelda Zonk is the place to be when you want a beautiful scenery and an amazing night. 
Zelda Zonk on Bankacilar Caddesi in Hotel Gradiva, with views embracing the estuary where you can enjoy both dinner as well as hanging out at the bar later in the night. There are two different terraces that will make you feel historic under your feet. You can see the sunset here and spend time by tasting the delicious and famous cocktails. On weekends, we recommend you to make a reservation because the place will probably be quite crowded.

This club has hosted many guests such as Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Monica Rafael and is known for being one of the most outstanding places for nightlife in Istanbul. Against the beautiful glittering skyline of Istanbul, near the amazing bridge and in front of a magnificent view of the city, Reina starts hosting guests from 18:00 o’clock.

Al Jamal
Fancy floor tables, Harrem rooms, belly dancers, the flavours of the famous club of Beirut nights and Lebanese cuisine will add color to your night. Slipped from the ordinary sense of fun, the concept was inspired by the Middle Eastern culture that combines decoration that is specifically designed for entertainment lovers. You may began to feel yourself ready for fun in one of the former Ottoman palaces that has been designed with a modern touch with Al Jamal dancers who will not be forgotten.

Chilai Bebek
The district takes its name from one of the old figures Chilada. A three-story complex that you can not come across a unequaled quality of food in the city; on-site sushi bar, art gallery, bistro, lounge, bar, fine-dining, patisserie and delicatessen departments are located. Bar, you might be able to find all the drinks. In addition to the classic, specialised cocktails are also available on the terrace which is located at the sushi bar.

Cue Istiklal
It is located on the 5th floor space in the street of the Galatasaray High School with a superb views of the estuary. World-renowned music venue where many guest DJs are taking part. Quality, sound system, cocktails and staff are superb!

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