Food and Drinks in Istanbul

Let me guide you through Istanbul, with inside tips on where to eat the best Baklava , a fantastic kunefe or where to enjoy the most tasteful Kebab.

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My Favorite Places

Cafe Smyrna
One of the places-to-be in Cihangir. Modern, wealthy people come here read a newspaper, lunch or dine. Just a drink at the bar is also possible. If you’re going to dine, the meat dishes are recommended. Very tasty, and the glasses of wine are as good as made in Smyrna. Also a nice place to watch people.

This restaurant has a view where you can dream away and this also applies to the Interior of the restaurant. The most beautiful furniture make the picture really complete. Frame is highly recommended if you like good food in a trendy setting.

As soon as you walk in, you feel the positive atmosphere which prevails in this restaurant and café. The people that come here are difficult to capture in 1 Word: they are trendy, a little artistic and social. The open and friendly attitude of the staff of Meyra in Istanbul is good and the space itself is also very pleasant, you sit in a large open space that still feels cozy and you can spend hours on the terrace. Meyra is definitely a must in the Cihangir district which is near the Istiklal Caddesi.

Mihmandar Lokantasi
In good weather you can eat outside on the terrace. It is well sheltered so it isn’t terrible when there is a breeze. Inside there is still a lot of space, what you won’t expect initially. Lokantasi Mihmandar is known for its good food. The card is not very extensive, but there is a lot of meat for the enthusiast. For dessert, there are all kinds of pudding on the menu.

Enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine at Müzedechanga, but with a modern twist. In addition to Turkish cuisine you can also enjoy international dishes. This restaurant has already won numerous awards for the quality of the food and décor. In addition to the great food there is also the beautiful view of the Bosphorus. The restaurant is located in the S Sabance museum and a dinner party here can be combined with a visit to the museum.

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