Zorro Did Rotterdam..

Aug 4, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Passed June 28th to July 10th, 2011, the all time favorite Zorro glittered in the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. Zorro is a spectacular musical full of passion and action, an exciting Rotterdam event not to be missed.

Zorro is a visual spectacle that tells the story of a masked warrior who fights for justice and seeks adventure rather than avoiding it. During this theatrical event, Zorro is torn between his love for Luisa and his passionate battle against the suppression and exploitation of the people.

This musical full of passion, stunts, adventure, humor and emotion was framed by authentic Spanish flamenco and the catchy music of the Gypsy Kings. The lead actors were Lone van Roosendaal as the handsome and funny Inez, René van Kooten as Ramon, Zorro’s brother, and Thom Hoffman as the narrator and as Don Alejandro, Ramon and Zorro’s father. Tommie Christiaan played Zorro, a choice made by the Dutch public on February 19th.

What better way to experience Zorro’s adventures or any other theatrical event in Rotterdam is there to be close to the action than to see the whole spectacle right in front of you on stage? Zorro has been just that Rotterdam event that brings that. A stay in the affordable and comfortable Rotterdam apartments offer all the comforts and luxuries you need, so take it down for your next visit to the city of the Meuse.