Zagreb, our new destination to discover!

Jun 12, 2019 | Destinations

Zagreb, a weekend is not enough.

The capital of Croatia might be less known than Dubrovnik for example. Because his lack of Adriatic Sea or any beach. But this city has so much more to offer. Think about an intriguen cityscape, which is a mix of classic Austro-Hungarian architecture and gritó socialista estructures. A lot or quirky museums, what to think about a museum of Broken Relationships. An historic upper town, perched on two small hills encircled by Renaissance-era walls. A lot of the highlights are located in this oldest district of Zagreb and from here you’ll have some amazing views over the rest of the city.

Live like a local, live Zagreb.

In Zagreb there is a strong coffee culture. So caffeine addicts will be in their element in the Croatian capital. It was one of the first thing that I noticed when I was wandering through Zagreb. The endoses row of café terraces filled with people sipping their coffee. With an electric mix of Italian, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian influences, the coffee culture is here steeped in history.

The social role of coffee is crucial. It’s all about socialising, doing business, catching up with friends. And unlike as in other bustling cities, coffee is not just a quick pick-me-up but an event, only to take at a café and never to take away! Keep that in mind.

For those who aren’t so keen on coffee, there are other popular beverages on the Zagreb drinking scene. After sunset the city center turns into an open air party scene. The best place to go for Zagreb’s nightlife is on Tkalciceva street. A buzzing street lined with bar and restaurant terraces.
Beer drinkers will love the huge selection of locally brewed craft beers – starting at just €2 to €3 for half a litre at the craft room. Wine lovers have to make a stop at Bornstein, Croatia’s oldest winery.

Get a taste of local life by browsing Dolac Market, a wonderful, fruit and vegitable market, located at a beautiful location in the old town. Buy yourself some fruit and pastel and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Mirogoi Cemetery

Mirogoj Cemetery









Is this the most beautiful cemetrie of Europe?

It’s not the most exciting and cozy topic. But cemetries can be really beautiful. The one of Zagreb is just a one of his kind and might be considered as the most beautiful one in whole Europe. It’s home to the graves of many famous Croatian figures. It’s majestic leaf-covered arcada botaste an impressive, fortress-like piece of architecture from the outside which provides a place of tranquilizó and peace on the inside. The luso cemetery’s winding paths are lined with sculptures and beautifully decorated tombs.

Enjoy Apartments

Enjoy Apartments











Not enough reasons yet?

Zagreb is definately worth a visit. If it’s not about what we’ve named above. The nature around Zagreb is really wonderfull and there are many natural retreats close by. I couldn’t believe it was just a short tras ride away from city center when I was bikini up the heavily wooded slopes of Mount Medvednica and had some incredible views over the city.
And of course, when you rent your apartment at EnjoyApartments, you’ll have the best place to recover from an intense day at the city of Zagreb. It’s our newest destination and we will be online with around 50 apartments soon! Let us welcome you and Enjoy all that Zagreb has to offer you!