You’re Going To Rome, So Much To See, Many Places To Eat. Where Do You Go?

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Rome is such a big city and the capital of Italy. In Rome you can enjoy and see the most beautiful spots, restaurants, musea and so much more. In this city there is a lot to see and it is a perfect place for a citytrip or holiday! But because there is so much to see where do you go and what do you really need to see when your in Rome? In this blogpost you will read about places you should see when you’re going to Rome.


Ofcourse the Colloseum needs to be mentioned. The Colloseum has your expectations before you even went there. But when you see it with your own eyes it’s even better! The Colloseum is located in the village Colloseo. Collosseo looks like one big open air museum. You can find the Colloseum and the Forum Romanum close to eachother. Going in to the Colosseum is great and an amazing experience. But don’t forget you’re not the only one over there, the Colloseum is always busy. Another option is just sit in the grass and enjoy.

Every day street Art is becoming a very serious thing in Rome. A perfect example of this is Tor Marancia. Tor Marancia was a normal place to live until the art project was started. There has been a big change, the normal houses where transformed in to art work.This change has been accomplished in 9th of March 2015. Twenty art workers created impressive mural paintings on the sides of eleven buildings. You can call it open air art and it is great to see!

Keyhole Aventine

This place is one of the special spots if you talk about viewing points in Rome. You can see te view on the hill Aventine. The view at this point is amazing! When you go up hill Aventine you come across square Piazza dei Calvalieri di Malta. At the northside of the priory you will see the door and the keyhole. When you look trough the keyhole you will see a beautifull view of the St. Peter’s Basilica. This is definitely worth seeing when you’re going to Rome.

The Saints Peters Square

This square is one of the famous squares in the world, the Saints Peters Square belongs to Vatican. The square is bounded on two sides by a portico that represents the ”arms” of the basilica. In this way St. Peters basilica embraces the world.
Just one picture is not enough at this place. There is so much to see, fountains, statues and the St. Peters basolica. The square is situated in front of the St. Peters basilica. Every sunday at 12PM the Pope will stand on the balcony to bless every one on the Saints Peters Square.


Pizzeria Sernella
This is not a normal pizzeria, we are talking about a “Pizza al taglio” . That means sliced pizza’s you decide how much you want of every pizza, and you pay by the weight. Its a great place to taste all the different tastes of pizza.

Ham holy burger
This restaurant is the perfect example of a chain restaurant that still provides great food. The eye-catcher is that you get the menu on an Ipad. You order by Ipad and if you want you can use it the whole meal. At Ham holy burgers you can create your very own burger adding all the ingredients that you like.

This is a great place were you can have a meal for a good price. The menu is big enough to choose something you like, many Italian specialties like lasagna, pizza, different kinds of pasta. There is a great atmosphere it is very trendy just a really cool place to go. Even if it’s not close to the city you can easily reach it.

muurart                      keyhole view

Tor Marancia                                           Keyhole Aventine