World Food Festival Rotterdam 2013. Good Food, Good Mood.

Oct 15, 2013 | Enjoy Apartments, Events Rotterdam, Highlight Apartments, Rotterdam Guide, Tips Enjoy Apartments, Where to eat in Rotterdam

The Rotterdam World Food Festival

If you are a fan of food, the World Food Festival Rotterdam is one activity that you should never miss. The festival what is all about food is from 18th September till 27th October. Five weeks long there will be everything about food products, catering and top chefs. You can taste a lot of different flavors and join some workshops. This annual festival brings together a large number of people from all over the world in a bid to promote culture by providing a forum that can be used to showcase their different talents in cooking.

At the Future Food house at the Museumpark you can enjoy the food from the best cooks from the Netherlands.  25 Designers give you a look in the future about food. The Food house is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and on Sunday from 12 pm till 5 pm.  At Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 pm till 8 pm. There will be sometimes activities on Monday our at the evening. By going to the festival, you can get a chance to try out most of these new foods, and also get a few ideas about cooking that you can use later on. There will be also workshops for kids. If you love cooking, you could also decide to showcase your talent in the festival. It’s very easy for anyone to sign up for it, so this should not deter you from trying. You need to buy tickets for this event. Every day there will be another part about food, they start at different times so look when you come and enjoy!

The World Food Festival Rotterdam has more than one hundred program elements. For the whole program overview, for tickets or more information you can look on the website.World Food festival Rotterdam

Accommodation during the festival
As is the case with visiting other parts of the world, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to take full advantage of the Rotterdam food festival. One of these is making sure that you do your planning in advance. When you are in Rotterdam you can rent an apartment by Enjoy Apartments. We have a lot of difference apartments where you can stay during the World Food festival. We have apartments near the event but you can also get there easy with the bus our metro.

We ensure to make your stay nice and comfortable. Look at our website to see the apartments from Enjoy Apartments.
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