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Oct 28, 2016 | About us, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

The world offers so many beautiful places that are really worth it. Traveling is something that ain’t cheap but dreaming about a destination that you really want to see is human. This is where the blogpost of today is about: Wish list destionations. Every one has their own wish list destinations. I will give a composite of the top five destinations from the people that work at the Enjoy Apartments office!

#5 Number five ….. Madrid
Why Madrid? To begin, Madrid is the capital of spain. There are many beautiful buildings in Madrid, one building even prettier than another. When you say Madrid, you almost directly think about Real Madrid. It won’t matter if you’re a soccer lover or not. A game or a tour in the stadion of Madrid also known as Estadio Santagio Bernabeu is an experience you will never forget.
There also many restaurants to enjoy the taste of the dilicious spanish tapas food. In Madrid there is always something to see in the streets. From musicians to living statue’s, there is no time to get bored.

#4 Number four …. Lisbon
Lisbon, the capital of Portugal has a perfect mix of history and a modern atmosphere. You can walk trough cosy streets in the old city center and contemporary architecture at the same time. A little bit tired of walking? Take the famous tram line 28, in this tram you will pass all the highlights of Lisbon.
If you are a real sun lover and just want to relaxe and chill you can go to the beach within a half an hour. The weather in the city is most of the time great and sunny. Lisbon is build on hills due this fact you can enjoy the best viewpoint in Lisbon. You can take the greatest holiday pictures over here and it will be a trip to never forget.

#3 Number three …. Milan
Milan is the city of fashion but it has so much more to offer! So if you adore shopping and fashion you will be on the right place. All the brands that you can think about are located here. In Milan are the sights spread all over the city. If you want to see Milan in the fast en easiest way you should go by metro. Ofcourse the Duomo church at the piazza del Duomo is a eye catcher and really worth going. The city offers beautiful squares and streets. Just walk trough the lovely streets and enjoy Milan.

#2 Number two …. Dubai
Dubai is one the seven United Arab Emirates and the most famous of al the seven. This is because the glamour of the city herself. Dubai is the country of sheiks, deserts, high buildings and so much more. This country beats all your expectations, in Dubai in nothing crazy enough. In Dubai you can do many different things. Discover the beautiful desert of Dubai with a safari tour, cross around desert dunes by car or quad.
Shopaholic? You’re on the right place, go shopping in a super big shopping mall and shop till you drop! Want to do something even more impressive, go to the Burj Khalifa tower. Here you will have a fantastic view over Dubai. This will be a destination that you never forget!

#2 Number one …. Ibiza
When you say Ibiza you immediately think about parties! But in this island there is┬áso much more to see and to do! The best way to see Ibiza is staying in Ibiza-city. Not only because of the good vibes over here but also for the lovely harbor and old city. Of course there are many good party’s over here. In Ibiza you can enjoy the biggest party and music artist. Relaxing in this place is living the good live, pretty beaches and a perfect blue sea. In Ibiza you will be sure that you can enjoy the sun between May and October. There are many nice beaches and bays to relax in the sun. Shopping the real Ibiza outfit you will be doing at hippie markets. This will give you the real feel free on Ibiza experience.

This was our top five wish list destinations. Which ones do YOUhave on your wishlist?

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