Where you should travel in December!

Nov 28, 2018 | Enjoy

It is getting dark sooner and it Is getting cold in the cities, but that does not mean it is not nice to travel to your favourite cities. Besides all the things some people don’t like about the winter, there are a lot of good and nice things about it! The light on the street will go on, you can get a hot chocolate and sit around the fire with your family and friends. And in December, there are a lot of nice activities to do and things to see in the cities around Christmas and New years eve.


Ice skating in Paris

1. Enjoy the Christmas markets and go ice skating

I will tell you some great things to do in Paris in December! Just like in the most cities, in Paris they have Christmas markets. In Paris they call it Marches de Noël. These markets are all over the city. You can drink some vin chaud (hot wine), there are some food trucks and of course gifts and gourmet treats. In this big city there also are a lot of special holiday concerts all over the place. The second special thing is the ice skating rink, is set up on the plaza outside the Hotel de Ville. In this area there will be more ice skating rinks!


2. Have a city walk and admire all the Christmas lights

In Paris there are a lot of beautiful places during the year, that will be lit up during the Christmas times were you can admire them with a lot of pretty lights! If you want to see more of the sights in Paris, Gallery Lafayette is a beautiful
building with a lot of nice shops in it. But in December it is even prettier!
The whole building is dressed up with lights and a big Christmas tree inside the mall.


3. Drink hot chocolate in the Angelina Paris café

If you want a little break from all the sightseeing you did all day and want to drink a hot chocolate this café is perfect for you! Angelina Paris is a very famous café, known for their hot chocolate. This café is on Rue de Rivoli 226, so if you like hot chocolate make sure you try it here!



The prettiest view from the river in Budapest

Budapest is a good affordable city on the East side of Europe. If you want to visit some new places and haven’t been to Budapest this might be perfect for you!


1. Visit the Christmas market on the Vorosmarty square or another one, or all of them!

As in the most cities in Europe in December, Budapest has some traditional Christmas markets. One really popular market is the Christmas market on Vorosmarty square. This market will be here from the ninth of November till the first of January. Another big Christmas market in Budapest is the market by Basilica. On this market they have a lot of special handcrafts and typical Hungarian delicacies, as for example Chimney cake. Also very special about this market is that they have a Christmas themed projection on the Basilica. The location of this market is St. Stephen’s Square in the district V. This market will be from the twenty third of November till the first of January.


2. Take a cruise on the Danube river

In Budapest you have a big river, the Danube. On this river you are able to enjoy a cruise with some
Christmas music. This boat tour is beautiful in the noon, but even prettier during the night.


3. Visit a ballet performance

If you like some music, ballet or some other performances, they have a lot planned during Christmas time. In the beautiful concert building in Budapest there are some classic, folk and charity concerts planned. If you are more into ballet, they have planned the Nutcracker in the Hungarian State Opera house!


4. Go skating

Next to Paris, Budapest also has an ice rink in the Budapest city park that is for sure a must for the winter sports lovers. There also will be an ice rink at the Vajdahunyad Castle. This is a nice thing to do with your kids and romantic as well to do with your beloved once!


5. Go to a spa and relax

These all are nice things to do, but Budapest has a lot of other nice things to do and see. It is a typical thing to go to a bathing house and relax. If you don’t have a lot of time Budapest has some great other options, as for example some coffee houses. Budapest has a lot of old 19 th and 20 th century restaurants and cafés to drink some coffee or eat some delicious cake. If your more up to some other special things, kerts are places to visit and eat or drink something under need a tree full with Christmas lights. This is a really well known concept in Budapest, search it and you will find some cool spots!


Magical Christmas markets in Prague

1. Visit the Manifesto Christmas market

Prague is a big city with a lot of nice things to do, but with Christmas you also have some other nice things to do special for this time period. For example you can visit Christmas markets. The manifesto market is a nice place to go, but when it is winter the whole place is becoming a magical place to visit. It is decorated with beautiful lights and Christmas decorations. Besides this market there are some other markets to visit, for example the Czech Christmas Market at Peace Square of at the Tyl’s Square. Go see the typical Czech traditions and have a taste how Christmas feels like in


2. Go to 4th best zoo of the world

Something to do in Prague, not so Christmas themed is the zoo. The zoo in Prague is ranked the 4 th best zoo in the world! They have a lot of different animals and is even nice to visit without kids.


3. Go ice skating right under the TV Tower

If you have kids and want to do some other fun things, Prague also has a ice rank set up in December. There is a rank a few minutes away from Wenceslas Square or right under the giant TV Tower. This is a really popular thing to visit with children or even with babies!


4. Have a walk over the Charles Bridge and visit the St. Vitus Cathedral

Besides the Christmas things you have a few sightseeing you can’t miss on. Prague has the beautiful Charles Bridge, there are a lot of people, so if you want a nice picture without crowds standing on you photo, come early in the morning. Another thing you can’t miss seeing is the St. Vitus Cathedral. In December in Prague there is a big change, it will be cold and maybe there will be snow as well.


5. Take a Christmas themed boat trip

If you like to see the city from another view, you can book a boat tour special Christmas themed. You have the opportunity to have lunch or with an even more beautiful view in the evening have some diner on the water with your friends or family.


6. Go ski

If you saw everything of Prague and like to ski then this is the perfect thing for you to do! A one hour car ride away from the city Prague, you have a high quality skiing resort similar.


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