Know Where To Get Free Wifi In Barcelona

Aug 5, 2013 | Barcelona Guide, Enjoy Apartments, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments, Wi-Fi Barcelona

It can be rather annoying not to have the possibility of connecting your smartphone or laptop to the net when travelling nowadays. We know, that is why we have gathered some handy tips on where to get it in Barcelona, for FREE!

Barcelona Wi-Fi points

Barcelona wifi is a council based in Barcelona that enables people to connect to the internet through various locations that are publicly accessible. It offers free internet access to all citizens. It is available through the online and mobile network services. It provides the Barcelona people with free public internet connection, which is fast and conveniently located.


What do you need/ how does it work

To access their free wifi one will need to have a laptop, computer, mobile phone or an IT device that can access the internet. The device will also need to have a common browser like the internet explorer or Mozilla firebox. In addition, the device must be wifi compatible. One will as well need to be in the range of the antenna so that the connection is direct. If not the connection is not be available. Once the connection is made, you will be required to provide a password, which is Barcelona Wifi, and from there one can begin browsing. Barcelona wifi gives you both internet access and access to information about the city. Like various locations and places which is helpful to tourists and travelers.


free wifi in barcelona

Wi-Fi places

Where to get wifi in Barcelona can include places like study rooms, libraries, museums and even neighborhood centers. wifi can as well be found in bars, cafes, bars and hotels, which are quite common and easy to find. As well free wifi can be got from apartments. If you book through us (enjoy-apartments) you will probably have wifi because almost all our apartments have standard wifi connection.


Bar Boqueria

The travel bar in Boqueria, which offers cheap drinks, food and of course free wifi, is the place to visit. Their prices are reasonable and affordable especially if one is on a budget. La Clandestina is another bar on where to get wifi. It has quite the decor with a mix of North Africa and the Middle Eastern. It has 20 types of tea, steaks and a good choice for youngsters who are looking to browse freely and have a good time.



Carmelitas located in Ravel Area is open all day and they offer lunch, tea and dinner as you enjoy the free wifi. The actual hotel is another one of this places where you can get free in Barcelona. It has a small hotel cafe where the guests can use the wifi.


Bookstore Laie

One of these locations on where to get free wifi in Barcelona is a bookstore cafe called Laie in Pau Claris. It is required that a customer buys a book and can go with it upstairs and use the wifi as they enjoy hot drinks with pastries. The restaurants that as well offer free wifi include Ambas Mundos in Plaza Reial and Brit Run Malaysia inĀ Carrer dels Assaonadors, which is open every day except Mondays from 8pm to 12am.


Free Wifi atĀ tourist Attractions

At almost all the tourist attractions you have the Barcelona free WiFi places you can recognize it on the blue signs with Barcelona WiFi on it, around the Segrada Familia there are all WiFi hotspots and there are also allot of bars who offer free WiFi. At Montjuic is it a little bit difficult for WiFi but their as well are several barcelonas WiFi hotspots ate the beginning of Montjuic. In the city at the Rambla, Passeig de Gracia, Diangonaal and all the other famous shopping streets in Barcelona you will have WiFi as well. If you go to the beach is the WiFi a little bit more difficult but i have some handy tips how you can get WiFi there, how further you go lay at the side of the water how less chance there is you will have WiFi and if you try to lay down close to Vila Olimpica where shoko and opium etc is then the change will be bigger you can go on Barcelona WiFi.


Other Free WiFi places

If you are at the airport and you really need some WiFi to search something or anything else, then you can go to the bars or restaurants their. They do want you to buy something so the WiFi there is not complete free. At the train stations it is somewhat the same there are not open WiFi Connections but you can go their as well to a bar or restaurant and ask for the WiFi code.

How to find more places with free wifi

To identify where to get free wifi in Barcelona, look out for stickers that show the presence of a free wifi amenity. Mostly, it is placed at the entrance and in the establishment; an arrow is shown directing you to where to get the free wifi.


Did we miss one? Have you been to Barcelona and know about another free Wifi point, feel free to help other travelers and list it in the comments.