What city to travel to in December

Nov 6, 2019 | Enjoy

Are you planning a trip to get away from the cold weather at home? Or do you want to visit the lovely Christmas markets and fairy lights in a snowy street? Either way, here we have a list of the best cities to go to in December. Enjoy!


You might think: Why would you go to Venice in the middle of winter? Well, there are some good reasons. First of all, you will be one of the few tourists walking (or sitting in a boat) through the beautiful streets of Venice. You can enjoy the peace and quiet in the otherwise stuffed city. Besides that, the streets will have a magical atmosphere because of the cold weather. Make sure you dress up warm, get some hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful and mysterious city Venice.


Of course, London can not be skipped in this list. You could almost call it the city of Christmas, with festive lights and Christmas trees everywhere. Besides this, you will see a lot of markets and ice skating rinks to feel even more Christmassy. But, don’t forget your gloves, scarf and warm winter coat because you are going to need it!


Another amazing city to visit during December is Lisbon. Enjoy strolling through the beautiful streets with an average temperature of 12 degrees. Also, make sure to surf as it is not going to be crowded and the waves would be great. However, I would recommend a wetsuit…


In December, Prague is almost like a real-life fairytale. With its streets filled with cute Christmas markets and ice rinks. The city will even be more breathtaking with a coat of snow. The sparkling lights will be reflected while walking down the streets. Warm yourself up with a cup of coffee in one of the many restaurants in Prague.


Milan is not only great to visit during summer times, but also at winter times. During the entire month of December, it is one of the most festive cities of Europe, with many holiday festivals, street fairs, and religious activities at the beginning of the month. If you are lucky, you will even get some snow during your visit. This will turn the entire city into a cosy and wintery atmosphere.


Budapest is everything you could wish for in December, with festivals, ice rinks and festive lights. It has a lot of activities indoors and outdoors. So when you’re done walking through the cold streets of Budapest, you can visit a cool museum or even go to a warm and relaxing spa.

Have you decided what city to go to in December after this blog? Or are you planning a road trip now because you just want to see all of them… Either way, we have apartments in all of the cities mentioned in the blog! Visit our website for the apartments!

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