Visit The Harley Davidson Barcelona 2011 Event

Feb 23, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

At Harley-Davidson 2011 Barcelona, this great motor cycle company will show their way of working, the way they build the motor cycles. From the outside it is already great. Imagine walking through Barcelona and see about 1000 Harley motors roaring by or seeing them all stand at Plaza Espanya. This summer Barcelona will host tourists, amateurs, enthusiasts and of course the owners of the bikes and everyone else who wants to be part of this legendary three days event what take place. On these days you will see the best motor bikes, you can do activities and join the best atmosphere. The American brand will take care of that!

Harley-Davidson Barcelona 2011 will be a great event without any doubt. In 1903 the Harley-Davidson motor company started with making bikes. In 1914 they already made 16.285 bikes for a lot of people from all over the world. They make bikes for citizens but also for the American military they have made more than 1000 bikes.

Of course, going in the Fira in Barcelona where the event is held is also very nice. Here you can see the newest bikes and accessories. The world famous Harley-Davidson company is very important for the industry of motor cycles. Especially in a city like Barcelona, where lots of people drive a motor, they are very important. If you have a heart for motors, you cannot miss this event.

Barcelona apartments are a good place to sleep and take some rest after this enervating event. Of course, there is enough to do in a city so big. If you look in our Barcelona city guide you can see more information about the Barcelona sightseeing you can do after the event.

At last years event, there were about 1.000.000 motor lovers visiting the event from all over Europe. This year the event will be the 8th, 9th and 10th of June. You are really going to enjoy yourself if you stay in our Barcelona apartments for the Harley-Davidson days 2011.