Visit Cursa el Corte Ingles 2011 Barcelona

Mar 11, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Cursa el Corte Inglés 2011 Barcelona is in its 33 edition this year and will be held on the 3rd of April. This event will start and finish at Plaza Catalunya in front of the department store el Corte Ingles. Every year the event gets even bigger! Last year was one of the biggest events of Europe, almost 58.000 participants. Come and watch this event as a spectator, or sign up and join the runners with their tour through the city of Barcelona. You can relax after this event in one of our comfortable Barcelona apartments.

They say that Cursa el Corte Inglés 2011 Barcelona is 10km, but actually it is 11km. The runners will run through the streets of the center of Barcelona. When you join the runners you work out and also see a lot of the city. Every sport event has his own charm. The appeal of Cursa el Corte Inglés 2011 Barcelona is that everyone joins this event, young and old, athletes and amateurs also parents and children.

This event is organized by the biggest department store of Barcelona el Corte Inglés. At 09.30am they will start in front of this department store, at 15.00pm they will finish here.
Cursa el Corte Inglés 2011 Barcelona is not the only thing you can do in this city. Visit the City Guide on our website and see what else you can do and see in Barcelona. In April the weather in Barcelona is great so relax on one of the Barcelona Beaches. Or if you have some energy left you can visit the Barcelona Landmarks and Highlights.

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