Transport in Vienna

How to travel when you’re in Vienna. Information about the trains, trams, buses, bicycle and taxis.

How to transport yourself in Vienna..

  • By tram, metro and bus

The metro in Wenen is for locals the best way to travel around the city. There are 5 lines and more than 100 metro stations. With the metro you can enjoy sights see in Vienna. Through the mid day you never have to wait long, every couple minutes their will come a metro. During weekends and holidays the metro drives at nights.

There are 29 different tram lines this makes Vienna the fifth biggest of the world. There is also yellow tram but that one is directed to tourist and way expensive.

Wiener linien has about 90 bus lines in Wenen. 24 of them are night buses. The city busses all have a number that has a number or the letter A or B. The night busses start with the N.


  • S-Bahn

You can go to the centrum of Vienna with the normal city-train, the S-Bahn. De line S7 goes underneath the airport and one of the stops are Landstraße/Wien Mitte and Praterstern/Wien Nord. Traveling with this train is cheaper than the luxe city-airport train. The S-Bahn goes every 30 minutes. You can buy a card for two zones and stamp them at the platform.

  • By Taxi

Is public transport is not your thing, then of course there is the Taxi. If you want to take a taxi you can do this on the street and taxi spots. They drive on meter and have standard prices. In the centrum it will cost you between 7 and 10 euros, but don’t forget it to round up in terms in money.

  • By Bicycle

A popular way to get around in the city mainly in the summer months is using the bike system. The post places in the city you can reach within 30 minutes. The city has an efficient system of cycle lanes and one of them is located next to the pretty Donau. You don’t have to search for a bicycle rental because Vienna has their own loan system. Its called CityBike and has many sheds through the city. You can register yourself with credit card for one euro and pick up a bike and leave it somewhere you need to go. The first hour is for free, the second 1 euro, the thirth 2 euro and so on.